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American Civil War marked the end of centuries old practice of slavery. It also turned North into a more progressive and advanced power and brought an end to the agricultural supremacy of South. Apart from this, what makes Civil war most important is the fact that it helped in keeping the country united. In other words, American Civil War ushered our country into a new era of progress and was thus inevitable. It is important to mention here that people like Aristotle, Plato, Socrates and other such thinkers have always maintained that 'justice' eventually triumphs and 'injustice' is defeated. When we study the American civil war from this perspective, we realize that this war was a natural occurrence that took place to restore the supremacy of 'justice'.

Slavery had been plaguing our country for many decades and blacks had suffered immensely at the hands of Southern white gentry. Agriculture was the main occupation in the South and slaves were subjected to inhumane conditions on cotton plantations. Women who were employed as house-help were also meted out brutal treatment and most were used as properties of male members of the family. It was indeed a time of severe misery for the black community that was deprived of all its rights-even the most basic ones. These were the conditions in the South. In North, things looked different. Slavery was not rampant and progressive nature of this part had led to better treatment of minorities. North was essentially industrialized and blacks were employed in factories instead of plantations. This was a better option since they were given wages and couldn't be denied their fair share. South was not only actively violating human rights; it was also endangering the future of American Federation by threatening secession. Southern states wanted to withdraw from the Federation on some grounds and this was unacceptable to the country especially the North since it could severely hurt the future of America. Abraham Lincoln took the courageous step of launching military attack against South, which triggered the Civil war.

It is therefore clear why American Civil war was inevitable. This war was initiated for two important purposes i.e. To keep the country united and to abolish slavery. Without the war, both these objectives could never be achieved.

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