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technological advancements over the years, the way human beings communicate has changed tremendously. Today, email, texting, social media, online chatting, and video calling, are common methods of communication. Nonetheless, while electronic communication has made communication faster and more fascinating, the downsides cannot be ignored. Indeed, electronic communication has increasingly threatened in-person or direct human interaction as people ever more desire to interact online. More importantly, electronic communication has contributed to reduced self-esteem, cyber bullying, and loneliness. These negative consequences constitute the focus of this essay.

One of the major disadvantages of electronic communication according to Roxby is the negative impact it has on self-image, with young people being the most affected. Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat and other popular social networks are now common platforms of communication. Through these platforms, users can post and share as much content as they desire in a day. Broadly speaking, social media users post content, mostly in form of images, to celebrate or show pride in their body, spouses, partners, every day experiences, and achievements. People will often post images showcasing their perfect bodies, their flawless skin tones, their newly acquired attire, a fancy destination they travelled to, their recently acquired car, their elegant house, and so forth. In other words, virtually everyone on social media is in the business of impressing other
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For individuals without the seemingly ideal life depicted on social media, such content may lower their self-esteem or self-image. For instance, comparing themselves with what they see on social media, some people may start seeing their body shape as imperfect, consequently resorting to attempts to look like everyone else. Indeed, as noted by Roxby, the demand for cosmetic surgery has increased substantially since 2008, with younger people increasingly seeking to gain more appealing physical looks. People may also start living a life of deception -- e.g. taking unnecessary loans, engaging in extravagance, and moving to houses they really cannot afford -- just to impress others. Regrettably, much of the content people post on social media is usually far from realistic. For example, with filters, people can now make their images on social media appear finer than in real life. On the whole, the desire to fit in may have negative psychological impacts on an individual, such as depression and image anxiety, a clear indication of how electronic communication can deteriorate mental health. It is important for individuals to accept who they are regardless of what everyone else thinks.

Electronic communication has also led to cyber bullying. According to LaMotte, cyber bullying affects not only teenagers, but also college students. With social media, individuals are now exposed to all manner of messages, including demeaning and intimidating texts. As electronic communication offers anonymity…

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