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Communications is an evolving and exciting field. What other field combines sociology, written and spoken expression, and attempts to understand the various implications of technical and written media upon the way individuals interact today? Only after academic study did I begun to understand how the way individuals now consume their media through interactive means such as the Internet, has had a profound impact upon the way the media impacts modern life.

Communications is a field with an ever increasing impact upon individual lives, and a more and more diverse impact as to the way individuals perceive themselves in terms of their race, gender and socioeconomic status. What will it mean as more individuals communicate through a media where their race and gender are in doubt, yet they are still bombarded with racially and gender coded advertisements? I hope to ultimately obtain a PhD in Communication Studies and to become a Communications Studies Professor. I wish to bring to my future students a greater understanding of how what they consume in the media, and how they express themselves affects their self-perception.

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