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Which of the three branches of government (Congress, the Presidency, and the Supreme Court) most closely resembles the expectations of the framers of the Constitution, and which of the three differs most from the framers expectations?

The framers of the constitution were a varied and eclectic mix of individuals. Although they often had their personal differences of opinion, many had very similar beliefs as it relates to government and the freedom of those it was to govern. Here, the tyranny of European rule had become very acute in the lives of many colonials at the time. Their rule, even from an ocean away was absolute and unwavering. Many colonials become furious at the excessive taxation and pilfering of resources for the land in which they had labored on for so long. For example the stamp act, which passed 1765, gave European government a large amount of authority to tax a variety of goods and services essential to the colonials at the time. In addition, this act was passed primary to pay the massive debts incurred by Britain during the war with France that occurred in prior years. The tax forced colonials to not only purchase British goods, but also to pay a tax on the items purchased. Thankfully, Benjamin Franklin was able to get the tax rescinded just a few months after its enactment. However, this proved to be the precursor to the overall framing of the three branches of government. This would later culminate into other invasive acts such as the Townshend acts of 1767, the Boston Massacre in 1770, and the Boston Tea Party in 1773. In each of these instances, an oppressive government looked to exert unilateral authority on colonials without having representation from the party subject to the laws or provisions. In addition, with the case with the Boston Massacre, British leaders were often given special treatment and provisions as compared to colonials. In many cases, these acts not only restricted the personal freedoms of others but also their economic freedoms. For example the Coercive Acts of 1774 restricted the movement of goods and services in repose to the Boston Tea Party in 1773. This ultimately impacted the economic freedoms of many colonials which again was a driving factor in…manner that harms American civilization. As a result, congress most resembles the expectations of the framers of the constitution (Bond, 1998).

Likewise, the presidency least resembles the goals and ambitions of the framers of the constitution. As noted in the introduction, many of the act leading up to the industrial revolution were primarily perpetrated by one British leader. Not only were all of the acts mentioned heavily skewed toward the benefit of the British, they were often enacted without regard for those impacted. The president to a certain extent can embody these ordeals if selected unwisely. We have seen this on numerous occasions with Barrack Obama and Donald Trump. Here, the action of Executive Order, has given the president power to enact certain policies that have little regard for the congressional processes. These acts although well intentioned can be used to harm society if left unchecked similar to those of the acts mentioned in the introduction. As a result of this power and the high regard given to the presidency, it is the branch of government that least resembles the ambitions of the framers of the constitution (Osgood, 1997).



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