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The poem by Emily Dickenson, titled It feels a Shame to be Alive, it is talking about the opposition that many people had directed at the government and the Civil War itself. This is because a large number of women in society were considered to be second class citizens and did not have a voice in these matters. Dickson is challenging these views by showing her opposition to the war and the carnage it caused. What drew us to the post is that these ideas were questioned, as they believed that there are greater sacrifices from war. Moreover, many of the ideas that are presented are illustrating the way Dickinson is questioning the status quo through using it is a form of civil disobedience. This is highlighting how she wanted to voice her concerns about current events and challenge the views of traditional society. The questions being asked were something that made us think about the consequences of war and their long-term impact on society. In some cases (such as: World War II and the Civil War) this was a necessary evil which
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protected the freedom of the nation. These insights are most engaging through illustrating how the issues surrounding the causes and outcomes are often political in nature. This means that there will always be someone who is against these actions regardless of what happens. As a result, a possible question that could invite further discussions is the act of war justifiable depending upon the underlying causes? Or will it depend upon the long-term impact that these events will have on the country as whole? Most people will often take a revisionist view when looking at these events. This is when they will not understand what is happening and will think of them with different sets of beliefs than their contemporaries. Over the course of time, these insights could lead to changes in their opinions and thoughts about what happened. When this takes place, there is a very realistic possibility that the emotions and feelings of society will be transformed. (Dickenson, 1865)

The later part of the post is highlighting how feminist views could be changing when a wife sees her husband come home from Iraq. He is deformed physically and does not look or appear to be the same. Instead,…

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