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urban elementary school in Eastern, New York . That problem

Specifically, is the social promotion of fourth grade students with disabilities. Currently, nothing is being done to address the issue as social promotion which is supported by state education policies that benefit from children being passed to the next grade level. This benefit consists essentially of state and federal funding (Meier et al., 2004, p.8). Special education teachers are tasked with teaching students who have not mastered basic skills.

Meier, D. et al. (2004). Many Children Left Behind: How the No Child Left Behind Act

is Damaging Our Children and Our Schools. Boston: Beacon Press.

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There is a gap in practice regarding the effects of social promotion regarding teachers and students, as the concept remains controversial (Frey, 2005).

Frey, N. (2005). Retention, social promotion, and academic redshirting. Remedial and Special Education, 26(6): 332-346.

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There is a lack of style='color:#000;text-decoration: underline!important;' target='_blank' href=''>training for special education teachers who teach students with various learning disabilities, this causes a misunderstanding and negative perceptions of these students (Reschly, 1996; Dewey, 2013).

Dewey, J. (2013). The School and Society and the Child and the Curriculum. IL:

Reschly, D. (1996). Identification and assessment of students with disabilities. Special Education for Students with Disabilities, 6(1): 40-53.

The purpose statement does not align with the problem statement

Purpose Statement

The purpose of this qualitative study is to understand the effect of social promotion on special education teachers and students.


This problem is significant because it can help administrators develop a better policy on social promotion versus retention.

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Need appropriate framework for this study

Assessing the issue from the framework of "the social-cultural-physical environment" in which the child lives and teacher operates (Ollendick, Cerny, 2010, p. 33).…

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