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¶ … Teaching Plan

In the field of nursing, there are a variety of challenges which are having an impact on practices. To deal with these issues, various theories have been developed. They are focusing on the way specific approaches can improve quality and enhance professionalism. In the case of treatment and care, these issues are problematic as many nurses are often overworked and can spend only a select amount of time with patients. To address these issues, Watson's Theory of Human Caring was developed. It is a practice based theory that concentrates on several different areas to include: kindness, transpersonal relationships, spirituality and enhancing the environment. These theories are augmented with my experiences in the field to improve quality and alleviate suffering. This is important, as it showing how Watson's views are critical in providing better attention and support to patients. (Watson, 2011)

At the heart of this approach, is a focus on several different variables....


The most notable include: practicing kindness, cultivating spiritual practices, being supportive, teaching, creating a healing environment, assisting with basic needs and allowing for open miracles to occur. To fully understand how these objectives are achieved requires describing the problem and applying concepts from this theory. Together, these elements will illustrate how these insights can be utilized inside a real world healthcare setting. (Watson, 2011)

Epidemiological Rationale for the Topic

The problem is associated with issues inside a practice setting. In this situation, nurses are often overworked and forced to solve a number of different administrative tasks during their shift. This is troubling, as they do not have the resources or support to be able to improve care and quality. The result is that errors are increasing and several patients have died because of these issues. If some type of drastic action is not taken, there is a realistic possibility the hospital will lose patients and face increasing malpractice litigation. (Arboleda, 2009)

This is in spite of the fact that they have an incident investigation system. These procedures are designed to isolate the problem and determine effective ways to troubleshooting key challenges. However, this has been proven to be ineffective, as the culture and attitudes of the staff are making them ineffective. (Arboleda, 2009)

A good example of this can be seen with insights from Arboleda (2009) who said, "Different industry sectors have developed numerous tools for risk management, from simple risk assessments to…

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Evaluation of Teaching Experience

Watson's Theory of Human Caring is focusing on how to improve safety and quality inside the clinic. This is achieved by concentrating on several different variables in conjunction with each other. The most notable include: practicing kindness, cultivating spiritual practices, being supportive, teaching, creating a healing environment, assisting with basic needs and allowing for open miracles to occur. In this case, the theory can become a credo for all nurses and healthcare professionals inside the facility to follow. This means placing more of an emphasis on monitoring the patient's condition, educating them about their role in the treatment and alleviating suffering as much as possible. (Jones, 2007) (Kelly, 2013)

The way it will be applied is to show how the lack of

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