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multicultural education exists in my school due to the nature of the demographics that attend the school. The faculty and administration appear all to vary in different cultures as well making the environment very diverse and of a varied background. The school itself is located in one of the most diverse areas in the world in Brooklyn NY. New York city is a cultural melting pot that changes all the time. The proximity of this school to all of the constant cultural development ensures that my school is multicultural.

For some it may seem unique and very strange to have a middle school composed of mostly Chinese Russian and Hispanics students. The faculty is mostly white with other blacks and Hispanics as well. There is a good mixture of culture that resonates in the student's modes of communication, style of dress and physical features. There are also many subtleties in culture that are constantly overlooked but makes for good learning opportunities and funny jokes.

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The leadership at my school is dedicated to supporting the unique approach that each student may have in learning and developing and individualized learning style that may provide the student with that adequate tools to negotiate the real world. Unfortunately standardized testing confines many of the original ideas that the school's leaders may arrive at, and these ideas are often watered down by compromise with the collective responsibility and uniform codes of behavior that accompany such institutional requirements.

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Culture should be incorporated in a pedagogical approach but only in moderation and with limited emphasis Culture is too often celebrated as meaningful to the greater population, when in actuality it is not. It is important to understand and tolerate, and if applicable appreciate other cultural influences and incorporate them into some sort of philosophical educational approach. However the fetish impulses and idol worship that often is derivative of such inquiries into culture must be appropriately reigned in to maintain the objectiveness that is so very necessary at the educational leadership level.

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