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Personal Statement

Indicate which Research Areas you are most interested in and why.

I am most interested in doing research in the area of Networks and Distributed Systems. Due to the global network that is being created the world seems to be getting closer. In the next ten years, the world structure will seem to become very close to home because of the network technology and innovations that will dramatically affect how the global network operates. Wireless technology is one example of these innovations, and it is already being widely implemented in many places such as college campuses, hospitals, libraries, and even the government. I want to work in this field because bringing the world closer together is one of my dreams.

How do you hope this summer research program will help you to attain your career goals?

In the summer research program, I am looking for a chance to apply my academic theory and learning into the actual industry. For a career goal, I wish to be a successful network administrator. The internship will help me because I can do research while still getting advice from faculty. This is a very good way to learn, and it is more practical than trying to research on my own or trying to learn only from books. Often, a hands-on style of learning is very beneficial to me, and I think that this internship will go a long way in helping me to reach my career goal and be successful in my chosen field.

What is your intended major and why have you chosen this field?

By intended major encompasses two things. I wish to major in both computer science and business management. I have chosen a double major in these two fields because my desire is to start up my own high-tech company. Unfortunately, many people who are very good at technology do not have the business sense and other things that they need, such as financial management and employee relations,…

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