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As my undergraduate studies reach their finish, I am ready to embark upon the next phase of my academic career. The Bradford University's reputable MSc program in Finance, Accounting, and Management offers the depth and breadth I am currently seeking. As an international student who has lived in the UK for the past four years, I also believe I have much to offer to Bradford and its student body. I have the ability and desire to work with my fellow graduate students on projects that will expand our knowledge about the rapidly changing world of business and finance. The gamut of group projects I have participated in throughout my undergraduate career shows that an international perspective, especially an Asian one, can greatly enhance the power and potential of any given project. During my graduate studies, I hope to deepen my understanding of finance and management in particular. Currently, my strengths reside in the areas of financial management, managerial Accounting, taxation, and auditing. In graduate school I would like to do more than deepen my strengths. I would also like to strengthen the areas of finance that are most troublesome or challenging to me, because I intend to be ready to meet the challenges of the professional business world when I receive my degree.

One of the reasons why I am selecting Bradford's program is the set of modules that comprise the MSc in Finance, Accounting, and Management. Modules like research methods and strategic management will provide me with the necessary foundation to perform useful work in the future. Although I am uncertain of the specific areas of business and finance I will become involved with, they will most certainly be meaningful in terms of their impact on the global business community. In all likelihood, I will be able to consult businesses, governments, and possibly even the NGO sector on foreign direct investment in Asia. Strong intercultural awareness, sensitivity, and communications skills make it highly likely I will be involved in helping businesses strategize their multinational investments. Being able to communicate in multiple languages makes it so that I can help broker deals between companies doing business with China. My communications and cultural awareness skills also ensure that I can help entrepreneurs and established enterprises both navigate potential communication impasses. Working within different organizational cultures, different structural environments, and different political models helps me translate these differences to both the Western and the Eastern worlds.

The elective courses at Bradford that certainly attract my attention include the module on change management. Change management is an area that intrigues me, partly because change can make or break a business. Having read numerous case studies that show what strategies work, and which ones…

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