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Video Summaries

Rick Crosslin Science-Conserving Natural Resources Grade 4 Westlake Elementary

The class gathers in one group with their teacher. Before the teacher begins to illustrate various types of natural resources, he explains the two types of natural resources. Trian explains renewable resources while Leila explains non-renewable resources. At the group, the teacher takes wood and coal and illustrates how they are used to generate electricity. Rick Crosslin illustrates how electricity is generated using a turbine, a wind turbine, water and solar. To conserve the electric energy generated, the teacher takes a meter and explains how it conserves electricity. Three students hold a worksheet as the teacher illustrates how much energy is consumed in the class. The video shows a teacher generating various forms of electricity and explaining how to conserve the said forms of electricity. Once the illustration is over, the students are asked to identify various forms of resources and conserving energy generated from the said resources.

Science in the Kindergarten Classroom-Exploding Ghosts

The students are seated and the teacher explains the materials needed for exploding ghosts. Before the students begin to explode ghosts, the teacher asks them to make a hypothesis of what will happen. The students are given a bottle with no lid and told not to touch it. Their job is to become ghost exploders. Then, they are given a balloon. The students are then told to take the bottle without spilling contents and smell to determine what it is. The students say that its vinegar. The students try to put the balloon at the mouth of the bottle. The teachers assist those that are not able to perform the task. The video shows students doing an experiment to determine what happens to a balloon when placed on a bottle containing vinegar. Once the experiment is over, the students are asked to test their ghost by holding that bottle and putting it on their tray, then taking the balloon and damping it in the bottle. Once the students see that their balloons glow, they are asked…their model by asking them to gram each of the adult frogs.

Rick Crosslin Science-Weather Tools Grade 2

Before the class begins, Rick Crosslin explains the various types of weather by asking the students to give examples of weather. Then the teacher shows the various types of liquid that fall to the ground. Rick Crosslin shows the students a rain gauge and asks Briana to explain how it works. Then, Rick Crosslin draws a thermometer and demonstrates how it works. He shows them the red liquid and tells the students not to mess with the said liquid owing to the fact that it happens to be poisonous. Then, the students are given a thermometer and told to breathe on it to determine whether the temperature rises. The video shows students making a wind vane. Before they make the wind vane, the students are asked to check whether they have the required materials. Once they make the wind vanes, the students are asked to go outside and test their wind vanes. They are…

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