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Capital: The movie Director, Pitof has put in $100 million unceremoniously in the newest attempt at cinematic comic book franchisedom which is an ample proof that a bad idea at Hollywood must be containing nine lives like that of a cat. Hally Berry gave her performance closely an unbearable as the one she gave accepting her Oscar award, assumes the role of Patience Philips, a graphic artist for a cosmetics company managed by George Hedare and his wife who is a model Laurel played by Sharon Stone. Instilled with the mystical cat Mojo, Patience does not just takes the features of a cat- consuming cans of tuna fish, climbing up the furniture, hissing at dogs but also gains new strength, confidence and also love, in the form of Tom Lone played by Benjamin Bratt. Nearly as perplexing as the motives of Pitof what really was he building remains the question. Nonetheless, the DVD gives 5 additional scenes, an alternate culmination to the movie, an scrunitization of the character's comic book origins, the theatrical trailer and a behind the scene look at the production. As a result of the failure of Catwoman and also the failure of Electra, many have started to question as to the fact that will there be a successful female comic-book film. (Purr-fect Dud)

Personal: Catwoman possesses a rich history as Batman vengeance and previous love interest way back to her first comic book appearance in 1940. However, the capped campaigner was not found in Catwoman. In its place, a collection of Hollywood writers have given this D.C. comics antihero a far and very sexualized makeover, altering her name from Selina Kyle to Patience Philips and dramatically changing her original story. The story of the Catewoman starts in the middle, with Patience Philips floating with the face downwards in dark water. However, her voiceover speaks that the day I died was also the same day, I started to live. Thereafter, the story passes quickly back to the episodes which culminated in her death and thereafter she was reborn this time as a Catwoman. Patience is a gutsy nevertheless insecure graphic artist for the cosmetic major Hedare Beauty in which she has been given the job of designing the advertisement promotional campaign which will launch its most crucial product at all time which is Beau Line, a facial cream which reverses the impact of ageing. Prior to accomplishing his job, Patience is visited by an obscure looking cat which has a penchant for doing the vanishing act as quickly as it appears from nowhere. The animal appears to desire something from her, and it assumes an important role in introducing her to detective Tom Lone, who very rapidly is floored by Patience's original charm. (Catwoman: Movie Reviews)

Thereafter, at the time of delivering her work to Hedare's production plant, in the late hours of the night she accidentally comes face-to-face before an awful secret regarding the new product which is a secret and the company finished her off as she has come to know about the secret. Brought back to life by the mystifying cat, named as Midnight, and led to the home of cat lover and historian Ophelia Powers, Patience finds that she has been presented a new lease of life by the Egyptian Cat goddess, Bast. She has come to be the newest in the long list of Catwoman having acquired preternatural feline powers. Therefore, Patience exchanges her conservative, wallflower personality for the confident hyper-sexualized crouch of Catwoman. Sporting a mask on her face and a whip in her hand and just sufficient skin exposure to keep her ample anatomy from getting converted this movie rated as PG-13 into a R, Catwoman jumps into her quest for revenge against her murderers at Hedare. Tom Lore remains rarely far behind and he grows more intrigued possessed with her at every catlike step. (Catwoman: Movie Reviews)

Product: - Catwoman is a film which is directed by Pitof and released by Warner Bros on July 19, 2004. The film is based on the adaptation by John D. Brancato, Michael Ferris and John Rogers from the story by Theresa Rebeck, Brancato and Ferris. Among the cast are Halley Berry, Sharon Stone, Benjamin Bratt and Lambert Wilson, Frances Conroyand Alex Borstein. However, the response to the film was poor and Halle Berry the actress in the lead role apologized for it. The film received heavy criticism by the fans of the Catwoman comic book character for moving away from the fundamental portions of the character, with bad press that started to do the rounds prior to a complete year before the release of the film. (Encyclopedia: Catwoman (movie))

The film even raised debate among the comic book fans regarding the casing of a black actress to adore the role of a character identified as Caucasian for several years even though it can be pointed out that Catwoman was also played by Eartha Kit who is herself a black actress in the Batman TV series and that Catwoman in Frank Miller's Year One was even not Caucasian. However, this argument fell to the side when it was learned that Halle Berry will not be in the role of Selina Kyle the original Catwoman but rather a woman named Patience Philips who is engaged at the a cosmetics company during the start of the movie. Catwoman fared miserably at the box office and critics also complained regarding the quality of the movie. The film received seven Golden Raspberry nominations during the year 2005. Halle Berry received the award for the worst actress personally with due apologies for the bad quality of the film. (Encyclopedia: Catwoman (movie))

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The 4Ps of marketing has been propounded way back in the 1950s by E. Jerome McCarthy that came to be recognized as the most long-term of the marketing-mix frameworks. McCarthy regrouped the Borden's 12 elements into product, price, promotion and place. This is the most popularly acclaimed concept in marketing, thereby giving a central organized structure or the foundation for marketing activity. Every one of these elements can in its turn be regarded as a mix for instance a product mix, promotion mix and so forth. Initially MacCarthy defined marketing mix as a blend of all the factors at the control of the marketing manager in order to satisfy the marketing manager. Further, Baker in 1988 vied that it is the efficient management of the elements within the marketing mix which generates a strategic framework for marketing. In the opinion of Yudelson in 1999, the 4Ps of McCarthy gave a suitable nomenclature for the study and analysis of marketing. But in the present era which is marked by the proliferation of marketing beyond business to consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) into services and concept, an apprehension arose that the 4Ps was unable to relate to services. (What is Marketing)

It was Magrath who in 1986 was the first to hypothize that the 4Ps must be broadened to include personnel, physical facilities and process management. But, as shown from the above list, the 4Ps can be widened to include the factors whish is able to bind the 4Ps of a service orientation. According to Rafiq and Ahmed who have come with the suggestion that the most powerful till date the alternative frameworks is considered to be the Booms and Bitner's 7Ps of marketing. The 4Ps have been expanded by them to take into account participants who are frequently referred to as people, physical evidence and processes. In their initial article, Booms and Bitner had in mind that the additional three Ps to be limited to service marketing. But, Levitt in 1972 recommended that some industries are existent whose service element are greater or lesser compared to other industries.

Enis and Roering have suggested that a product is defined as a package of benefits that possesses tangible and intangible components and thus the frequently cited call for a unique service marketing strategy is dependable with such a definition of a product. In this case, the explanations of the expression 'product' are frequently regarded as interchangeable with service. Film marketing comes under the broad category "The arts." Under these categories are included pop and rock groups, discos, various music initiatives, symphony orchestra, artists, film and television production companies, movies, television serials and radio programs. All of these require promotion or marketing often in a B2B or B2C settings. For instance a production company shoots a television series and then markets it to the television companies which are the B2B component which thereafter is marketed to the viewers, who might then purchase in on DVD media which is the B2C component. (What is Marketing)

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