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How do I start writing my essay on contagious diseases and its impact?


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To write an essay on the impact of contagious diseases, you will want to narrow down the topic.  There are several different types of contagious diseases, and the various pathogens include viruses, bacteria, fungi, and protozoa. Disease can spread in various ways.  The current Covid-19 pandemic is airborne and spreads through both air and touch, but other diseases have been blood borne, sexually transmitted, spread in food, or spread through other vectors, such as mosquitoes. There are also different types of outbreaks of diseases including pandemic, endemic, epidemic, and outbreak.  They have different meanings and have had different impacts on the world. In addition, there are specific types of contagious diseases that have had historic impacts on people.  Some of the famous diseases that have had devastating consequences on people have included: the Black Death/ the plague, smallpox, malaria, cholera, HIV, Ebola, and the Spanish Flu.  To begin writing the essay, you are going to have to narrow down the focus of your essay.

If you want to write an essay about a specific disease, this is good outline structure to follow for the essay.

Contagious Disease Essay Outline

I. Introduction

A. Disease 

B. When it was discovered

C. How it is transmitted

D. Symptoms of the disease

E. Treatment

F. Thesis

II. Brief description of the disease

A. What type of disease is it?

III. When discovered

A. When the disease was discovered

B. Where it was discovered

C. Where the disease became significant

D. When the disease became significant

E. If it is a zoonotic virus, how it leapt from animal to human

IV. How the disease is transmitted

A. Airborne? 

B. Transmitted in food? 

C. Transmitted in touch? 

V. Symptoms

A. First signs of the disease

B. How the disease progresses

C. Prognosis

VI. Treatment

A. Medications to treat

B. When intervention is necessary

C. Any vaccines to prevent it? 

VII. Conclusion

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