Abortion and Religion Church and Abortion Debate Essay

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Abortion and Religion

Church and abortion debate

Abortion has been a major issue of discussion with different group finding themselves caught up in a sensitive argument that they have to take a position. Religious groups have been vocal on condemning abortion, however there are other groups which hold that it should not just be viewed in that manner without looking the circumstances that makes one to abort and they see nothing wrong with doing so. It is a matter that cannot be regarded simplistic because there are other governments with their law in some parts of the World that already allow it depending on the situation to help life. The position of the church to discourage abortion should be well recognized and spread for they are fighting to save importance of humanity. More institutions should rise up to condemn such practice to save our morals, lives, and dignity so that those who support see the sense of upholding human life.

There are many religious who have come up using their teachings from their various faiths confirming how they value human life even if it is not yet born. The Orthodox Churches have condemned abortion as they claim that it is against commandments of the faith "Thou shalt not kill." The Orthodox Church from Russia also condemns abortion in the published article in 2000 titled "The Church and the Nation." Generally, Protestant have also increased their voice against this practice; both Evangelical and Protestants Christians. Protestants and Catholic of Northern Ireland have united to discourage abortion. According to the Church of England the unborn child is alive and created by God and they should be respected. Islam teaching states that life starts at conception and is created by God, (JoAnne Viviano, 2012). There are some rights that the child is entitled to like right to life, protection, as well as care. Islam holy book "Al 'Quran" forbid abortion on any ground as Chapter 6, verse 151 states that do not kill or take a human life which God has declared to be sacred.

Judaism has also shown their stand against abortion. The Jewish or Torah law has forbidden any form of taking an innocent life holding that all mankind have been made in the God's image. This is confirmed by the interpretation of the Jewish law in the twelfth century by Maimonides that any descendant of Noah who takes the life of any humankind, even a fetus in the womb of a mother, shall be put to death.

The Hindus have joined the position. Their scripture term abortion as "garha-batta as well as their text "Atharva Veda" has described those who engage in abortion as greatest sinners. The most respected Hindu of the twentieth century called Gandhi acknowledge this when he stated that it was clear to him a daylight that abortion would be a crime. Atheist and agnostics for life have not been left out of this critical issue as they have taken their stand to term abortion as a violation of human rights hence holding a pro-life opinion.

Abortion tends to be a very critical ethical issue and it just seems natural when various main religious are involved on the debate whether directly or indirectly. Those who oppose abortion quickly point out the existing religious aspects traditions that are in some way prohibiting or condemning abortion, Susan Wilson (2012), however all the parties must remember the very obvious fact that there has been practices of abortion within almost all the society and even since back following historical records. As much as strong opposition has been proclaimed on abortion to the people, women have not stopped seeking abortion.

Condemning abortion absolutely is an issue that can never hold long and find its way in the present world which experience difficulties if not dangerous in the pregnancies, birth and rising of children. In endeavor for women to bear children, they are caught up in a situation which leaves them with no option but to find ending their pregnancies to be the best solution. This is where the problem comes, what about cases that put the mother on risk? Cases of rape? Religious have to deal with facts and look at instances where…[continue]

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