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In fact it is large companies and the inequities of international trade which are the root causes of rainforest destruction." Consider the following facts:(1)M millions of hectares of primary rainforests are being destroyed in South East Asia by logging, and the driving force in this industry is not the local population but international demand for timber; (2) in Central America, 40% of all the rainforests have been cleared or burned down in the last 40 years, mostly for cattle pasture to feed the export market; (3) "Latin American environment groups have cited skewed land distribution as the most important factor frustrating the conservation and sustainable use of rainforest areas; and (4) the economic exploitation of poorer countries by the world's industrialized nations underlines much of the over-exploitation of tropical ecosystems by populations without land or employment.

This inevitably calls for reform in relation to both bilateral and multilateral aid policies as well as practices in world trade if there is any hope of saving the tropical rainforest regions which lead to the topic of the debts owed by these countries. Third World Debt will have to be dealt with in view of the collective debt that exceed the sum of $1,300 billion (U.S. Dollars) and interest charges totaling $123.4 billion (U.S. dollars) the impoverishment of the Third World makes the rich get even richer and this has fed a perpetual cycle expressed in loans financing projects that are not only destructive to the environment but can be repaid through more exploitations of resources and from that it is clearly seen that the Third World Debt crisis has propelled destruction of the environment in Third World countries. Incidentally the largest rainforest areas are five countries that are among the most heavily indebted countries in the world putting them under extreme pressure to harvest their rainforests for repaying debts.

Outcomes Discussed study on Mexico found that in the period between 1984 and 1990, "a 10 per cent reduction in tariff levels was associated with a two to three per cent reduction in employment," with the wage differential between skilled and unskilled workers widening [and]...Trade liberalization in Brazil during the early 1990s had "a slight negative, short-term impact on employment." Between 1990 and 1997 in Brazil, there was a 32 per cent drop in employment in capital-intensive industries and 13 per cent decline in labour-intensive industries. Not all this decline in employment, the ILO paper says "could be attributed to trade liberalization since the trade reforms were carried out in a macroeconomic environment that was marked by high inflation and recessionary conditions." (International Labour Organization Press Release 2001 Geneva) Child Labor issues are noted to be a critical issue and certainly the destruction of the rainforests will have a global ecological and environmental impact that cannot realistically be measure but the prospects should be noted as highly negative in nature. Lastly, but certainly not the least of these negative outcomes is the fact that these people in these regions are losing their forestlands to large international corporations and the legacy may be lost as well. The earth's ecological health depends greatly upon certain balances in the biosphere being maintained however, during an event of global warming that is combined with billions of humans and the waste level created by that many it certainly creates magnanimous challenges for the global society to rise to the occasion of the attempting of initiatives that might perhaps lessen the shift of the earth's existence and make the path a little smoother, safer, and healthier for the coming years. Globalization utilized in the highest and most noble sense has the capacity to greatly benefit the earth and mankind at this point in earth's progression into the future.

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