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The goals related to the community materialize in that the children will have better access to the desired schools and after years of education they will return as lawyers, doctors or other desired specialists. Then, it can also be exemplified in that, however only few in the beginning, the day care center has the opportunity to create additional jobs within the community, hiring tutors and teachers, physical education instructors and maintenance personnel.

To achieve the above established desiderates, a wide set of skills and aptitudes are required from both myself and the staff members. Relative to the skills directly related to my role in the success of the day care center, it could be said that I need the following aptitudes:

the ability to be objective yet caring in dealing with people the ability to critically and objectively analyze the internal strengths and external opportunities, seize them and maximize their beneficial outcomes the ability to critically and objectively analyze the internal weaknesses and external threats in order to overcome them and reduce the negative impact they could have upon the kindergarten good people skills in dealing with both employees and parents; constant communications with the customers are crucial wide business knowledge as to best operate the day care facility also need to be open minded and adaptive as to be able to bet integrate the changes in the customers' needs and wants and also the modifications in the industry or the environment must be able to select the candidates that best work with children, supervise and monitor their performances must be able to objectively analyze the results of the operations (materialized in both customer satisfaction and registered incomes), identify any aroused problems and propose the most appropriate solutions

Through a combination of people skills and business knowledge, and most importantly, due to a constant focus on the full satisfaction of the customers' needs and wants through the offering of the highest quality services, delivered by highly skilled staff members, I should be able to meet the established desiderated within the following five years.

4. Strategies

The strong desire to meet the goals, combined with the skills however is not sufficient to meet the objectives. To ensure that this happens, clear and successful strategies must be developed and implemented. The set of strategic approaches is extremely wide, but the most relevant courses of action will follow the next paths: human resource management, marketing management and business administration.

Human resource management recruit and select the best candidates through various methods, including acquaintances, word of mouth or newspapers advertisements offer training programs that increase the specialized skills of the staff members and maximize the satisfaction of the parents through the offering of high quality services constantly talk to the employees in order to motivate them and increase their on the job satisfaction offer financial and non-financial incentives constantly supervise the personnel to ensure they behave accordingly around the children

Marketing management attract customers from acquaintances and relatives and rely on the word of mouth to attract new clients, provided of course that the services meet the highest standards of quality and pleasantly impress the parents of the enrolled children develop a marketing campaign focused on the strong emphasis on offering high quality education for the children, education which will start to open the doors for the desired college maintain constant communications with the public and offer various promotions, such as a 10% discount for the second child enrolled by the same parents

Business administration keep a clear balance sheet to be clearly analyzed at regular intervals in order to identify the profitability of the kindergarten operations against the incurred costs objectively identify new sources of revenue; enrolling more children and enlarging the kindergarten operations will be desired over increasing the fees seizing the opportunities in the environment and proposing solutions to best adapt to the changes in the environment

The strategic approach would be under constant supervision to ensure that it still corresponds to the customers and the environment's needs; when modifications occur, these will be integrated with the aid of new and better strategies. Change would be seen as an ongoing process that continually responds to the new demands and the day care center would as such be able to register the necessary profits and meet its five-year goals.


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