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¶ … theories being used in the Jessica cases study. The essay suggests that a theory of morals is being implemented for all involved. The baby itself and its condition, including its soul or spirit is not being respected. The case study depicting the working couple of Marco and Jessica presents some interesting moral and ethical dilemmas for health care and the role of providing useful and practical medical advice. Morals are nothing more than guidelines to keep populations in order and provide rules. They are objective in nature. The problem in this cases study assumes many things and the people involved in this quandary have shown little resolve or reason in this situation.

Theory of Burden

The entire case study is based upon the theory that if a child is born handicapped it will be "burdensome" and not worth the efforts of the family or the doctor itself. In other words, the procreation of this child will supposedly hamper the couple's ability to make profits within a corporate system. The ideals of love,


She is the mother and must decide if the baby should be aborted or not. Her religious views and spiritual demeanor will most likely play a large role in what she chooses to do. The belief of the soul and its incarnation into a body plays a heavy role in her decision making matrix. Marco is playing the role of the supportive husband and should take charge of his family and seek a second opinion from a different hospital. Maria is not helping matters either as her faith and spirituality shows a lack due to her displayed histrionics. Marco and Jessica need to decide why they want to have children anyway. Parenting is burdensome no matter what the health of the child when it comes out of the womb.

When does the Soul Incarnate?

Determining the time and place of incarnation would be very helpful in this case study and understanding and differentiating between conception and incarnation as well. The body and soul are separate. The eternal light that shines within each and all of us suggests that incarnation may not take place within the mother's womb. Conception and growth of the human body within the mother is…

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GCU (2015).Case Study: Fetal Abnormality.

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