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Abortions, in addition to being moral and religious wrong, are wrong for the damage that they can cause the woman physically and the emotional scars. Emotionally at the time of the abortion, the feeling may be of relief from the unwanted child but later the feelings can change to depression or guilt. In later life, the abortion can haunt the person especially if she has more children and she has to think about the one she aborted. The feelings are there regarding would my child have had a brother or a sister. Ask any woman who has lost a child during or after childbirth and they will tell you. YOU NEVER FORGET.

A woman considering abortion should take a good long look at the medical complications that can be faced by an abortion. They can affect the health of a woman at the time of the abortion as well as later in life. (2010) in the article, "Anti-abortion arguments - Reasons against abortion," lists the following medical complications that can occur from the abortion:

Blocked fallopian tubes

Weakened cervix uterine scarring damage to the woman's reproductive system which may make her unable to conceive in the future face the increase in the probability of an increase in tubal babies hysterectomies miscarriages

stillbirths premature births

Are these worth the risk? Later when the woman is ready to start a family, the possibility is there that she may not be able to. This will play a big part on her emotional state from not being able to conceive and knowing the reason she cannot conceive. Also affected is her mate, who has to deal with not being able to reproduce. Will the marriage be able to survive? Who knows?


Abortion is wrong on so many levels from spiritual, moral, emotional, and physical. A life is being lost and another life is possibly being destroyed as well. The embryo is alive inside the mother and is in development just like a child is developing into an adult. If this type of murder of an unwanted baby is okay; then should a parent be allowed to kill an unwanted child?

Thousands of babies and children are being adopted and brought to our country to be raised by loving couples that are barren. I was adopted and raised under that very circumstance and had a great life growing up. Why not let the embryo have a life with loving parents?

Abortion can destroy the body and cause lasting effects. Every woman needs to stop and consider all the possibilities and the risks before they even consider abortion. It is just wrong.

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