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Descartes Believe in God

Descartes' Believe in God

Science attempts to prove how God did or does things. The assessment is heavily disputed by archaic religious doctrines. The traditional conflict between science and religion is entirely based on the dominion and not what is right or wrong. Rene Descartes' belief in God is not based on atheistic principles, but on blasphemy as seen from the way he investigates God's functions. Whilst examining Descartes' belief in the existence of God, it establishes that Descartes does not dispute the existence of God, but has a different opinion (parallel from the religion). A scientific argument proving Descartes' arguments and a reflection on his presumptions are provided.

Does Descartes believe in God?

As a philosopher and mathematician, Descartes dedicated his work entirely on writing and researching. His arguments combined humanism, science, and religion to arrive on the much-aggrandized assumptions of natural processes. Olson (2006) reflects Descartes' opinions on religion as scientific equation and God as a superior being that illuminates humanism (p.75). From Descartes' perspective, God has imbued humans with a special spirit and mind that communicate inherently. In fact, Descartes publications on science showed God as a superior being who controlled nature. However, Descartes was not a staunch believer although he was a diligent attendee of the Roman Catholic Church.

Evidently, Descartes observed religion because it fulfilled his natural approach in solving the critical syntax of humanism. Sweetman (2004) shows that Descartes' philosophy was primarily centered in epistemology where solutions to science and religion were based on the body and mind problems (p.49). Descartes' atheistic beliefs are primarily on the notions of the Enlightenment Era;
...This idea is grounded on chauvinism and backed by the knowledge that one's belief was not questionable and a private affair. Descartes in a special case one not based on atheism, but blasphemy claims. It is conclusive to argue that Descartes applied religion and beliefs for his general humanity-based scientific endeavors.

Descartes arguments are convincing

Critical philosophy that was developed during the Enlightenment Era attempted to reexamine the relationship between civilization and religion. It is prudent to note that political ideologies that were spearheaded by communism and capitalism played a critical role in examining the validity of the church. Capitalism, which was heavily aided by religion, lost influence because of the negativity and the atrocities associated with it. McKnight (1999) argues that Enlightenment Era was heavily politicized to the extent that it eroded necessary dialogue (p.96). Constant collisions in ideology prompted the Enlightenment Era to pave way for the development of deism ideologies. These ideologies dogmatized the society in the belief of one single God and religious reasons were based on natural reason unlike the common supernatural revelations. In the end, the religious good was replaced by the social and political ideologies. In fact, Descartes fulfilled the natural laws accustomed to a politics-based religious platform like any other philosopher of the Enlightenment Era (Kohn 34).

Archaic religious beliefs of the medieval period were based on meditations on first philosophy.…

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