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Religion: First Amendment- Religion and Education

The legal issue in the grading of the students work in which Jesus has been mentioned and a drawing of the Last Supper was displayed is evident in the US Supreme Court examples. The First Amendment states that Congress would not make any law that would disrespect any religion and avoid their exercise, freedom of speech would be granted to all-region followers, congregations for observing religious rites would not be prohibited, and no petitions would be encouraged by the government for remedying the grievances (Wicht, 2014).

The first example of the US Supreme court case is that of Brittney Settle in 1991, a grade-9 student who appealed against her English teacher that she did not accept her work, including an essay on Jesus (Education Week, 1996). She thought she was religiously discriminated against; however, the Court ruled out the light of the 6th Circuits ruling by saying that it is upon the teacher in the classroom to draw particular lines for making distinctions.

A second case occurred in 1980 when Kentucky law was witnessed violating the First Amendment by displaying Ten Commandments in their public school as a mandatory policy (Wermiel, 2009). The reason for displaying the religious work could be to support Jews or Christians since these Commandments were deemed sacred for these two religious followers. Since the First Amendment does not prevent anyone from displaying religious…a specific speech or religious work that depicts a particular religious hero, such as Jesus. However, free speech is still not disregarded as the Free Exercise clause stipulates the same.

Further explanation of the First Amendment includes interdiction of the schools and their staff from allowing certain religious speeches and devotional readings from the Bible, which applies to the student work of Jesus and the Last Supper. Otherwise, it would appear that the school does not take action against a teacher who tried to participate or persuade the student that certain religious promotion is fine. Again, it should be noted that freedom of permission is not negated; it is just being disallowed based on favoritism or discrimination against…

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