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Feminists seek to free themselves from perspectives that devalue women and deny them opportunities to explore their thoughts and experiences. For this reason, some feminists have joined the anti-abortion side because the issue of autonomy is not acceptable in a liberal society. According to Wolf-Devine, she argues that abortion is the response of men to deal with problems caused by unwanted pregnancy and will therefore be problematic for those trying to support feminist perspective as the moral response and that even the feminist perspective on abortion generates strong presumptions as a way of reacting towards unwanted pregnancy Moghadam 91() The killing of an unborn baby can never be justified under any circumstance because it does not provide a solution to the situation that lead to conception. Illegalization of an abortion implies that the state is able to cherish and nurture human life. Abortion is a dehumanizing act in the society denying humans the right to live yet the innocent life together with the mother deserve better. In a state that exercises perfect democracy the distribution and use of resources should be for the benefit of the whole society and it is therefore wrong to use public revenue to perform or fund abortion. The case of Roe vs. Wade was wrongly decided as it did not have the foundations of the constitution and should therefore be corrected. It is important to note that the process of abortion also harms the mother of the unborn child since the process is crude...


In as much as we advocate for freedom, the freedom to absolute freedom cannot exist in a harmonious society. In the supreme's court decision to personalize the decision to carry out abortion is viewed as selfish response of those in authority and this does not exist in a liberal society Markowitz 63()

In order to promote a democratic government the people need to be knowledgeable in order to create awareness of which leaders have the interests of people at heart and which ones are selfish. During individual exercise of political liberty, we must consider policies that enhance social cohesion and avoid controversial issues that encourage divisions among people. Abortion should be illegal and governments should fund projects that see to it that the risk of situations that could lead to an individual sorting abortion as an option is lowered for example enhance child adoption and provide contraceptives. While practicing the foundations of justice and advocating for women's rights, we should not also compromise the right to life of the innocent.

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