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For instance, the U.S. can use drones with the purpose of filming exact instances involving Assad's men violating human rights.

Considering that "the Syrian government isn't just fighting rebels, as it claims; it is shooting unarmed protesters, and has been doing so for months" (Sniderman & Hanis), it is only safe to assume that immediate action needs to be taken in order for conditions to change. Children are dying at the moment and the world appears to express lack of interest in their suffering. In spite of the fact that rebels are determined to bring Assad now, the Syrian president has successfully used the armed forces with the purpose of destroying rebel efforts up until this moment.

Assad continues to dominate Syria as outside forces sit and watch as innocent revolutionaries are being murdered. There is no limit to what Syrian armed forces are willing to do with the purpose of keeping their president's influence in the country.

4. "Stop it!" They kept telling me. "This kind of behavior is unlikely to get you anywhere and it is best for you to act in accordance with rules in order to be a successful person!" However, I pushed on and I continued to speak to everyone about my dreams and about what I wanted from life. All across my life people have been telling me that I don't have what it takes to do this. Many actually told me that it was impossible for anyone to have what it takes to do this. I didn't quit and I stood my ground whenever someone tried to shatter my dreams.

The weather was very similar to how it is right now and she was sitting across from me similar to how you are standing right now. "You're lying!" she said on a disappointed tone. "I have nothing to do with this and even if I would you would be the last person that I would talk to!" I tried to comfort her but my lips seemed to be motionless. All I could do was to look her in the eyes and try to make her feel that I actually understood what she was going through. I felt ashamed and I felt sorry for myself because of it.

"Look, I'm not trying to make a fool out of you and the only reason why I am here now is to help you. Stop trying to drive me back and simply accept my assistance."

"What is wrong with you? Can't you see the condition that I am in? How can you make fun of someone who has just been through a traumatic incident?"

Lisa was everything that I ever hoped for in a person, but I managed to drive her away when I told her how I felt about her. it's not really my feelings were not enough to influence her in accepting me, as it was actually my life plans that made it impossible for her to continue having a future alongside of me. The fact that I was able to understand her at this point further contributed to the void that opened between us. It was practically as if I destroyed her completely through the fact that I tried to make her understand how her recently departed boyfriend actually felt in regard to her.

From the moment when I was five I swore that I would try and influence people in accepting the truth, regardless of its nature. My whole life was filled with suffering as a result of this particular choice. This is the reason why people have kept telling me that it was in my best interest to lie when the situation arose. But this is not what I wanted. I did not want to become successful as a result of refraining from telling the honest truth whenever I had to. One could not simply ask me "How do I look?" And expect to get a compliment. No! My mission was to tell everybody the truth and my fondness for Lisa was not going to stop me now. I did not care that particular individuals were too weak for the truth. I believed that this world needed someone who could really speak his or her mind and I thought I was the perfect individual for the job.

I no longer feel that way now. Looking out the window from my corporate desk I know that I did what I had to do and I don't regret anything about it now. I eventually managed to make Lisa understand that she was often the laughing-stock of the whole class as a result of her naive character and I got her to marry me. I am presently married to her and we have two beautiful children together. I have everything someone could ever want but I feel that something is missing.

"Hi, I just wanted to tell you the truth. Today is the ten-year anniversary of our argument. You know: the one when I was trying to tell you the truth about who you really are. It is only now that I understand that it was me who was unable to understand life at that time. What I actually wanted to tell you was that I love you and that you are the person that I want to grow old with."

"So you're telling me that she bought this? Especially after she caught you cheating on her?"

"Yeah man, it's all a matter of lying. Life is not as good if you're telling the truth…"

This is how I came to realize that I don't know who I am anymore and that society made me what I am today. I listened to those people who told me that you can't tell the truth forever and I am presently a happy man! (you almost bought that, didn't you?)

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