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There, I visited a children's hospital where all of the AIDS patients were under eight years old. When I asked how it was possible that such a large population of the afflicted were children, I was informed that their mothers were largely drug users and prostitutes. After the dissolution of communism, and the breakup of the Soviet Union, many persons were driven to desperate means to survive. Society and the formerly state-controlled healthcare system that provided some minimal guarantees of protection care and counseled preventative strategies to prevent infection. All of these had all broken down simultaneously in the 1990s. As if the plight of these children were not a great enough tragedy, the gifts and medical supplies brought to these unfortunate children had to be torn and opened so that they would not be stolen and sold by the staff to enrich themselves. This is a further example of how broken the healthcare system can become -- extending from parents, to children, to hospital administrators, to the doctors themselves.

Although I could not help every person whom I encountered in Russia, I began to realize that I had a passion to use medical knowledge to help such children all over the world. I wished to use my motivation and knowledge to ease the suffering of such children. A Bachelor of Science in Medical Imaging from Clarkson will give me the necessary combination of managerial and technical training to make this dream a reality.

After I earn my degree, I hope to return to Russia, perhaps through a program offered by the Peace Core. My Russian language skills are somewhat limited, but my knowledge and motivation to help this part of the world is strong.

As an employee of Clarkson Hospital, I have been continually impressed by its commitment to effective administration, compassion, and preventative care. I wish to make these commitments part of my own compassionate ethic when I enter the healthcare profession. I am convinced that this is the right time for me to make a change in my life. I have matured and learned from my work experiences and my years traveling abroad. I am financially stable and without debt. I can relocate since I have no personal commitments or family obligations in the United States. I have friends and loved ones residing in Russia. I have witnessed the reasons for Clarkson securing such a fine reputation firsthand and have toured its radiology facilities with an eye to becoming part of the educational process that takes place at Clarkson. I have seen how Clarkson has some of the most sophisticated high-tech equipment in the nation. I hope I can bring some of the compassion and technical finesse I have witnessed in Clarkson to lands that so desperately need better medical care.

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