Pollution In Arizona The State Thesis


All animals need water and air to live, and the pollutants that exist in them often do not leave the tissues of the consuming animal. Compounds like mercury and lead are absorbed by animals further down on the food chain and are collected in higher and higher levels as each animal is consumed on its way up the food chain (ADEQ, 2009). With humans on the top of this food chain, it is easy to see how all of the aggregate mercury contamination in Arizona's fish and cattle populations would end up pooling in the human population. Soil contamination affects everyone for generations to come, since homes and businesses will likely be built on mine tailings and other polluted areas of land in the future. These soil contaminants have to be removed from the soil manually, which is very expensive and time-consuming. There is much evidence that Arizona has started to reverse the effects of a century of mining, farming, ranching, and coal-powered energy production. But the state still has quite a ways to go if it is to become a model for clean energy and industry standards. The infrastructure and technology is...


Public transportation and other community-based projects will likely become part of Arizona's future, and help the pollution problem in the state as well (UPI, 2009).
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