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The potential study that would be conducted for collecting numerical data is finding the connection between healthy aging and having a marital partner (spouse) among older adults. It is the selected and proposed quantitative research topic for this paper to apply quantitative methods for the research. It would be primary quantitative research for which the data would be collected first-hand, rather than relying on the already available data.

Research Problem

The proposed research problem in the proposed research study is whether there is a connection between having a marital partner and spouse for healthy aging. It would be investigated whether there is a relationship between the existence of social relationships for male and female older adults to age healthily. Age comes with several diseases: hypertension, heart diseases, cardiovascular and chronic diseases, and mental diseases like Alzheimer's, depression or dementia, etc. Therefore, it is suggested that old age people should have strong social support, either that of their spouse or any other family or friend relation who should take care of them for healthy aging. Therefore, the objective of this proposed study would be to scrutinize whether there is a connection between the presence of a partner and healthy aging.

Literature Review

Aging successfully and having strong social relations, especially in the later parts of life, holds a strong place in older adults' lives. Aging successfully might encompass the physical and mental appropriate functioning of older adults without any diseases. Active participation in all matters of life with a strong social engagement is possible. Studies have indicated that married partners stand out as the strongest factor in supporting older adults in healthy aging (Wong & Waite, 2016). Partner relationships and strong social relations affect the health of older adults. Data was collected for adults aging 57 to 85 years, and it was concluded that marital loss has devastating effects on the health of men as compared to women since men need more support when they are alone in comparison with old females who have to look after their family and deal with emotional burdens. It was supported by finding that CRP levels (C-reactive protein), which is...


The results revealed that the psychological state affected the health of men who were alone and were in more poor health condition than women who were living alone (Robards et al., 2012). Also, it was disclosed that cohort matters since the older adults born in the 1950s were in a more devastating health situation when divorced compared to those born in the 1940s. It could be related to the economic conditions of that time. In both cases, negative health outcomes were seen without a partner in old age.

A similar study was conducted to evaluate the effect of marital status on the quality of life in older age. A sample of 276 aging adults was taken from U.S. Mexico, and four domains were formulated for assessing their life quality: physical health, mental health, social relations, and environment (Gutierrez-Vega et al., 2018). It was found that married older adults had a higher and better quality of life that helped reduce their psychological distress compared to single older ones. It depicted that marital status guards against depression and mental illnesses are inevitable in old age.

The same factor has been corroborated in another article that mentioned that marriage provides a protective benefit for older adults since they feel safe in social, psychological, and physical health parameters. The society they live in becomes conducive to their better health (Schone & Weinick, 1998). The data was taken from the 1987 National Expenditure Survey, restricting the sample to only adults above 65 and who responded to self0administered questionnaires. In addition to the results that indicated that marriage has positive effects on older adults' health, the results were different for men. Men showed substantial negative outcomes if they were widowed or divorced in old age.

Along with marital status, another factor, an economic condition, was also studied among older adults in the Korean community. The investigation was carried out to examine the effects of marital status and economic condition on old adults' life satisfaction aging 50 years and above (Lee, Lee & Choi, 2020). It was concluded that men were more affected by marital status and its benefits as compared to women. Further, the effects of poor household income were moderated by the marital status, creating a subsequent impact on life satisfaction.

Use of Quantitative Methodology

The quantitative methodology would be used to inspect whether having a marital partner affects the…

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