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Impact of Wearable Devices on the Health of Learners


As human beings can be considered systems in which signals are sent and functions are performed, wearable devices are viewed as a tool to facilitate the processes of the human system (Rodriguez, de Oliveira, Nunes & de Morais, 2019). Some of these systems include the digestive system, the nervous system, and the respiratory system. Each system plays a part in regulating the body and maintaining the health of the individual. Wearable sensors allow for individuals with disabilities to interact with others in a meaningful way (Rodriguez et al., 2019). They are also being used to promote learning and the health of learners. As Nugent, Barker, Lester, Grandgenett and Valentine (2019) explain, wearable technologys integration of engineering, computing, and aesthetics promises to be an excellent interdisciplinary context to support students STEM learning and attitudes at the upper elementary level (p. 470). Other researchers have studied wearable devices for the purpose of assisting in the transference of motor skills (Camarillo-Abad, Sanchez & Starostenko, 2021). Carroll et al. (2020) have studied the utility of wearable sensors in monitoring learner engagement. All of these studies point to the trend of using wearable technology to facilitate learning.

Wearable Technology

Carroll et al. (2020) note that because distance learning and virtual learning are much more common today than in days past it is necessary to monitor learner engagement. Educators have to focus on keeping the attention of their students and one way to do that is to monitor learner engagement so as to see when students become disengaged. To assist in that process, non-invasive physiological and behavioral monitoring technology to directly assess engagement in classroom, simulation, and live training environments can be used to enable educators to understand when learners are paying attention and when their attention is lost (Carroll et al., 2020, p. 411). Wearable technology thus has utility for educators in this regard. It also has relevance in terms of learners health, particularly for students with disabilities (Camarillo-Abad et al., 2021; Nugent et al., 2019). Rodriguez et al. (2019) note for instance that wearable technology presents an opportunity to work with children using Augmented Reality games without the influence of prior knowledge (p. 2). The goal of using wearable technology in educational environments is to promote the cognitive and physical development of learners.


Wearable devices are non-invasive (Carroll et al., 2020). They are designed to monitor rather than intervene in a persons regulatory system. These…childrens creativity: augmented reality, combined with wearable technology, has the potential to benefit students learning in different environments (Rodriguez et al., 2019, p. 3). However, as Nugent et al. (2019) point out, there remains the need to balance functional (engineering) and aesthetic design thinking in the creation of wearable technology products (p.477). If wearable devices are too cumbersome, they might offset any practical gain in the students development. For that reason, trends in this research are focusing on how to create wearable devices that are comfortable, barely noticeable, and functional (Camarillo-Abad et al., 2021).


Wearable technology has a great deal of utility in facilitating the learning process and improving learners health through monitoring of learners engagement, learners motions, and learners functions. Physical and cognitive development is crucial to the strengthening of learners health, and wearable devices have been found to assist in this process. Educators cannot always know how well students are engaged when distance learning is in effect, but wearable devices can monitor engagement and provide excellent feedback to educators about their own approaches. Wearable devices can help learners to obtain skills in human-human interaction, and they can help learners with disabilities engage more readily with non-disabled learners. They can help in physical learning,…

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