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Walgreens -- Compensation Analysis

Pay System and Benefits Package Overview

Walgreens has seen many changes in its industry and specific niche over the last decade. The rise of prescriptions by mail, ecommerce giants such as Amazon and EBay, the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and one of the worst economies since the Great Depression to name a few (Wagner & Orvis, 2013). With this backdrop the company had an ambitious goal of reaching seven thousand stores in 2010 from just over four thousand stores in 2003; Walgreens was opening a store every seventeen hours at one point (Wagner & Orvis, 2013). The company's strategy was primarily based on location however the changes in the industry forced them to reinvent themselves and create a new strategy to remain competitive.

At the center of this strategy was using human resources to create a better customer experience. Walgreens looked at other businesses that were leaders in driving customer experience and realized that people developed an emotional connection to a cup of coffee. Yet, Walgreens customers did not perceive the business any differently than other drug retail chains. Thus they had to create a better experience and creating a compensation package to support the types of behaviors they desired from their employees was a cornerstone of this strategy.

The company developed a true pay-for-performance system that is based off of three different performance metrics: financial results, team member engagement, and


Managers were also positioned to be closer to the customer and make local decisions. Many of the previous duties of the local manager, such as deciding merchandising, was transitioned to a corporate responsibility to free up their time so they could focus more on creating a better customer experience.

Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

"To be the most trusted, convenient multichannel provider and advisor of innovative pharmacy, health and wellness solutions, and consumer goods and services in communities across America. A destination where health and happiness come together to help people get well, stay well and live well." (Farfan, N.d.)


To be America's most loved pharmacy-led health, well-being and beauty enterprise (Walgreens, N.d.)

Walgreens Benefits Packages

Walgreens benefit packages are offered based on part-time or full-time employment, how long the employee has been with the company, and the position of the employee. The benefits packages include (Walgreens, 2014):

Health Care

Medical/Dental/Vision Coverage

Prescription Coverage

Well Informed Wellness Program

Healthcare and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)

LGBT focused benefits

Company Paid Life Insurance

Voluntary Accident Insurance

Paid Disability Leave

Military Leave

Personal Leave

Retirement Planning/Saving


Employee Stock Purchase Program

Work/Life Balance

Paid Time Off (PTO)

Sick Time


Work & Life Resources

Employee Purchase Program

Employee Discount

Job Opportunity Board/Career Connections


Walgreens has redesigned their compensation packages to better align with their mission and vision. The company has moved to a performance pay…

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