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The coming presidential elections in the United States will be conducted on Tuesday, November 6, 2012 and will be America's 57th quadrennial presidential election. As the election approaches, various initiatives and measures have been taken to educate and empower America's voting public and create an increasingly responsible government. These efforts have primarily involved the provision of comprehensive, non-partisan information that relate to presidential candidates, news, issues, and political parties. These initiatives are mainly geared towards providing a platform for voters and non-voters to regularly obtain useful, straightforward, and impartial information linked to politics and issues. However, the major issue revolving around these elections is how the election results will be determined by current and previous decisions of the court. This is mainly because of the increased expectation that the coming presidential election may be a close election.

Presidential Election Laws:

The United States presidential elections are guided by constitutional provisions that govern the election process. According to Article II of the Constitution, the Congress may establish the time of choosing the electors and the day of voting throughout the country ("Presidential Election Laws," n.d.). On the day of voting, voters or electors meet in their respective states and vote through ballot for the President and the Vice-President ("Election Law -- An Overview," n.d.). Once the voting process has been completed, the President of the Senate, in the presence of the Senate and House of Representatives opens each certificate to pave way for the commencement of counting.

The candidate with the highest number of votes for President becomes the President, if the number of votes represents a majority of the total number of appointed electors. If no candidate ha such majority, the House of Representatives shall immediately choose the President by ballot from the top three candidates with the highest number of votes of those voted for as President. In this process, the votes shall be taken by states as the representation from each state has one vote. Therefore, a quorum for the election of the President in this scenario will consist of members from two-thirds of the states in which a majority of all the states will be necessary to make the choice or decision. These procedures would be similar to the election of the Vice-President except the election of the Vice-President would be conducted by at least two-thirds of all Senators in the Senate in case the number of votes for the Vice-President does not equal majority of votes. Notably, an individual who is constitutionally ineligible to vie for the Office of President will also be ineligible to contest for Vice-President of the United States.

Determination of Presidential Elections:

The coming presidential elections in the United States in November seem to rank among the most important elections for the American economy for years. This is because the results of this election will have a significant impact on the future regulatory and business environment for various industries and sectors (Parnell, 2012). The results of the election will also have significant impact on the expectations of future tax policy and determining who will be guiding monetary policy as the head of the United States Federal Reserve.

There are various critical factors that help in determining the outcome of presidential elections in America, especially with the significance and probable impact of the elections. First, many Americans believe that the economy plays a crucial role in determining who wins the presidency (Roth, 2012). Actually, there is a significant amount of work dedicated to the impacts the economy has on presidential elections in America. Secondly, incumbency is a significant factor in determining presidential elections in the United States since 70% of incumbents have won presidential elections for the past 56 presidential elections. While economic conditions are significant factors, they are usually surpassed in elections where an incumbent faces a challenger. The main reason in this case is that the incumbent tends to have significant advantages over a challenger that overshadow economic conditions. The third factor in determining U.S. presidential elections is the effect of issue emphasis during political campaigns as evident in the outcomes of elections from 1952 to 2004 (Grypari, 2011).

The Upcoming U.S. Presidential Elections:

A historical analysis shows that President Obama has a tremendous statistical advantage in running for re-election due to the role of incumbency in United States presidential elections.…[continue]

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