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Religious Health Care

As a consultant we have identified some of the issues that need to be considered further by the consultant group and perhaps confer it with the governing board and the CEO, and I have discussed these issues to ensure the most critical issues of the Religious Health Care has in order of importance. These concerns must be addressed in order for there to be some changes to the system as it stands, and first and foremost the first function that they should be concerned about it is needs of the community and diversity because living and learning about religion should go together and have successful facilities. The organization must address the needs that are first religious, divine, biased, reasonable, advocatory, individually, or insecure in character to meet the staff and seniors needs. Second, the healthcare board should be devoted to the standards of area, self-sufficiency, and trust that ultimately the needs of everyone should be suggested. Another function the governing board should make a priority is the committee is voluntary which carry on as an independent central organization in agreement with the main beliefs of the healthcare personnel and elders that are summarized in the foundation and supported by-Laws. Next, the members have immediate accountability of supervision of the boards' members and obedience as well as the funds to distribute reasonably and based on need instead of opinion by a voting process. In addition, the body will distinguish their commitments to encourage discussion and the exchange of ideas with the cooperation of the staff, board, and patients regularly to improve the quality of living and senior patient care as well as the job opportunities and activities within our system to make it a more successful healthcare facility that meets the needs of each individual regardless of their position within the Religious Health Care institutions ("Student governing board," 2007).

There are three key performance dimensions that we have noted must comprise exact appraisals that the board could employ to develop the establishment's entire routine, and the first framework is being effective. This is the degree the Religious Board will go to attain results with the right stipulations centered on the services of their facilities anyone who is eligible for assistance. This dimension will grip the correct degree of possessions for the facility and make sure that the funds are utilized to give in to the highest outcomes such as health costs and find a certain amount of spending for each one. Another presentation measurement the Religious Health Care board must have is suitability because it looks at whether or not the facility provides pertinent needs to the patients, and they focus on whether or not they have the correct arrangements and services that other healthcare providers offer in our area that are eligible for innovated changes for the seniors and the staff and our environment. Continuity will also be a key dimension for the board to attain because it will allow the organization to run a lot steadier over a long period of time for everyone that is part of the system. They must ensure their care is centered on the patient's point-of-view and have a specific time frame to ensure a long-term healthcare plan for the patients as well as the providers. The amount of time it takes a senior to receive care and the waiting process can be detrimental, and the Religious Health Care system needs less waiting times and experience a promptness of service which is undoubtedly a connection in what is required to have a performance agenda within a definite, wide-ranging, and frugal intangible establishment ("A conceptual framework," 2006). Furthermore, they should focus on individualizing services with groups of skilled individuals to work out the breaks in the overall function of the facility that work and meet to determine the needs of the seniors by prioritizing and communication and offering affordable innovative and competitive services with others in the area.

In addition to using key performance methods, the next steps in the Religious governing group should focus on the healthcare patient groups that are offered and ensure they are meeting the needs of the people who require these services. Each facility needs to focus and provide…[continue]

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