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Abortion on our Communities

Abortion is a controversial issue that has been debated for years without solution. The arguments for and against the issue abound but the cultural, religious, social and personal factors related to abortion are so strong that it becomes impossible to fully satisfy the various groups involved in the debate. While the pro-abortionists claim that the woman has the right to make the choice of giving birth or terminating it the anti-abortionists state that terminating the life of a fetus is murder and giving the right of the decision to one person would cause the downfall of law, value of life and human value as we know it. Yet, giving birth to a child not wanted by the parents creates a whole set of new problems like single parenthood, financial depreciation, child neglect, and urban overcrowding, to name just a few.

Problem Statement:

This research contends that abortion cannot be a personal decision basically because it has an impact on the community. Research suggests that abortion cannot be legalized simply because it would open the doorway to a number of other issues. The convenience of getting rid of a human life may not be restricted to just the fetus. This study shows that pro-abortionists present arguments, which though logical do not take into regard the long-term effects of allowing abortion on the human psyche.


The impact of abortion on communities, if legalized, would be diverse and chaotic as the concepts we have of religion, law, society and human life would have to be changed. Abortion is not a personal decision and cannot be treated as such as the consequences it has affect the society, its norms and laws as a whole.

Literature Review

The literature review will cover research done previously on the subject taking into account both aspects of the debate with a focus on the impact of abortion on communities and…

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