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Personal Statement: Admission Into Graduate School

With a lifelong passion for community services, I spent the better part of my two years in America looking out, and just being there for the weak and the underserved in the community -- people who, even when there seems to be no hope, no future in the offing, would still struggle to beat their ultimate limit and achieve their prescribed objectives. As a volunteer in the American Cancer Society and the Relay for Life program, I rubbed shoulders with struggling cancer patients, who had to go through chemo, hair loss, and all the pain, but who, despite the odds, would still be thankful for each day and stay determined to face the next in the face of so much uncertainty. This perseverance and determination to challenge their ultimate limits fascinated me and I realized that all that is needed to be able to take full advantage of the opportunities life presents is a positive mindset. At this point, I'd rightly argue that a positive mindset and the determination to have a more promising tomorrow have been the driving factors behind my academic success this far. Every success I have achieved has come through persistence and strong willpower, and I strongly believe that even though I am not the smartest in the current list of interested applicants, these two elements definitely set me apart from the rest. I feel that the journey to academic success and professionalism is long, and my current application for the MSF program in a world-class university is a logical step in my quest to pursue my wildest dreams.

I chose XXX University...


These programs not only reinforce the knowledge that I gained in the course of my research, but also accord me ample opportunities to be part of professional networks that will ultimately prove valuable in the realization of my long-term career goal of becoming a corporate executive in the structured finance industry. During my research, I also realized that the XXX curriculum additionally covers the areas of econometrics, economics, mathematics, and investment banking in the first year of the course. I reckon that these will help me develop relevant analytical and technical skills that would prepare me for a career in structured finance.

In addition to the comprehensive curriculum, the Department of XXX at XXX University enjoys an international reputation, particularly because of its 'Seminar on Financial Crisis' elective program, which accords students unique opportunities to obtain facts on the prevailing financial and economic situation from corporate executives in the financial market segment. I believe this demonstrated commitment to the student body makes XXX University a stimulating learning environment in which to pursue a master's degree.

As mentioned earlier on, I have a passion for community services. During my freshman and sophomore years, I participated in a fundraiser that was geared at raising money on-campus for the purchase of sports equipment and books for underserved children in neighboring rural areas; and well, in addition to doing voluntary services at the American Cancer…

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