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¶ … Amish are a well-known religious group in America. "The Amish culture is known for simple living, reluctance to use modern technology, and a heavy emphasis on church and family relationships." (Rogers, Horst, Rogers, Lee, & Reihart, 2013, p. 916). They are known for their beliefs and practices and their desire to live in a clean and virtuous environment. They are hard workers and discourage lives of excess and greed. A brief into their religion and beliefs helps shine light into a popularly researched and examined religious group.

Some of the aspects of culture to be briefly explained involve rules and dress. For instance, the Ordung or the list of oral or written rules outlines the fundamentals of Amish religion, helping to define how to live and be Amish. The Ordung can and does dictate every facet of an Amish person's life. This can include hair length, beard length for males, dress, and even how Amish people farm. The Ordung is different within each community. Some Amish for instance, drive automobiles, while others do not use electricity.

Amish dress is another important aspect of Amish culture. It is a symbol of their faith and encourages separation and humility from the outside world. Amish fashion is simple avoiding most ornamentation. Any clothing worn is usually made at home using simple fabrics and is typically dark in color. Amish men where coats with no collars, pockets, or lapels and then women wear full length skirts, aprons, and capes along with some form of head covering, usually a bonnet. Any stocking worn are usually made of black cotton.

Some of the fundamental beliefs of the Amish include their belief in the Bible. The Amish see the Bible as the inerrant and inspired word of God. They believe in Communion which is practiced two times a year both in the spring and fall. The Amish vehemently believe in humility and practice disbelief in eternal security....


Although in past instances the Amish believed in spreading their beliefs to others, in recent times, they have made it less of a priority, deciding to live their lives isolated. The Amish, like many Christian sects, believe in Baptism and practice adult baptism. The reason they perform baptism on adults is because they believe at that developmental stage, the person is old enough to make a decision. Amish also believe in heaven and hell and must follow the church's rules in order to get access to heaven.

Certain forms of social control are practiced by the Amish in order to control their children's behavior as well as their wives. Such behaviors include separation and shunning. Separation means the Amish isolate themselves from society and practice this as a fundamental belief. Their belief lies in the idea that secular culture contaminates their religion and the people within. In order to keep separation active within Amish culture, they prohibit or avoid watching and using radios, televisions, computers, and any other modern appliances. They typically live off the grid.

Shunning, a controversial Amish belief, is the practice of business and social avoidance of individuals within the Amish community that violate the rules. Because this practice is so controversial, it is not seen often within the community. It is seen and applied as a last resort. Members who are excommunicated can be welcomed back if they show remorse and repent.

Women are a vital and integral part of Amish society. However, they are not seen or treated as equals. Women are allowed to work and do so as teachers or hired help in households but must remain in the household when married. Women are also not allowed to become leaders in the church but can and do vote on church and community matters. Women can be educated but there is some restriction. Women ultimately in public are supposed…

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Howley, A., Howlet, C., Burgess, L., & Pusateri, D. (2008). Social Class, Amish Culture, and an Egalitarian Ethos: Case Study from a Rural School Serving Amish Children. Journal of Research in Rural Education, 23(3), 1.

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