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Only the radically new perspectives offered by social justice theorists can help create a more egalitarian society. Generalizing about how diversity factors influence student learning becomes not only unnecessary but also harmful. Race is not a biological reality, instead it is a social construct (Baily & Cervero). The color-blind and multicultural perspectives are still widely practiced in adult education. Unfortunately outmoded, those theories generalize the experience of all non-white groups as being Other and therefore inferior.

Overcoming the current problems in adult education involves deep structural changes to adult education. Discovering and refining the "hidden curriculum" is one of the most important steps educators can take (Baily & Cervero). Critical analysis of educational literature can help foster awareness of how white power and privilege are embedded and reinforced continually. As awareness of how inequity is embedded in the fundamental assumptions of academic discourse dawns on students, they will become self-empowered. Their analysis of the hidden curriculum in school will enable a critique of the culture and its mainstream media.

Baily & Cervero also suggest that educators become more conscious of ways students organize themselves to notice how power structures are created on campus. Awareness of those power structures will help inform future curriculum development. Similarly, educators can become more aware of their personal role and responsibility in perpetuating racial inequity. Diversity factors do affect student learning. Generalizing about how diversity affects student learning does nothing to eliminate power inequity and income disparity. However, a thorough critique of educational structure should reveal ways social barriers are erected. Recognizing and acknowledging social barriers enables educators and learners to tear…

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