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Global warming occurs due to the rise in temperature. The trapping of light and heat from the sun causes this rising of temperature. Nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, methane and water vapor are the green house gases, these gases trap the light and heat from the sun, and as a result, the temperature rises. This global warming hurts a large number of people, plants and animals living in the earth. There are many reasons due to which global arming is increasing day by day. Human beings also cause global warming but many other things are also responsible for it (Maslin, 2006).

The main activity that human beings perform due to which global warming occurs is to flaming the fossil fuels. Whiled riving a car, carbon dioxide is released in the atmosphere. This increases the greenhouse effect. In addition to this, jet fuel in the airplane also contributes in releasing the carbon dioxide. The best option of transportation is bicycle but people do not prefer it and it is very rarely used. Most of the people use cars to travel (Maslin, 2006). High rate of energy used, results in high rate of food that human beings eat travels a long distance for import and export. This means that this travelling of food is also a contributor of the greenhouse gases. Apart from this, fertilizers in the traditional agriculture use petroleum in bulk.

Human beings consume milk and beef in large quantity. This food comes from cows, which emit methane in bulk. Methane is much more powerful than carbon.

Wood, which is used in furniture making, comes from trees and due to a reason trees are cutting day by day. Trees are also cut down for constructing homes and factories. This reduces the absorption of carbon dioxide gas in the air (Archer, 2011).

Increase in population at a high rate is also a great cause of global warming. Human being exhale carbon dioxide each time when they breathe. Besides this, high rate of population demands more space for living and thus to construct more homes forests are cleaning up fastly. Human beings are utilizing the natural resources largely but they are not doing anything to give some benefit to the environment in return i.e. trees are cutting vastly but are not planted with the same proportion.

However, activities performed by the human beings are not the only factor that contributes in global warming. There are several other factors such as climatic change, oceans, forests etc.

Oceans are the significant cause of global warming. It is because they have very polluting carbon because…

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