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Specifically, it has risen a full degree since 1957 (Crittenden & White, 2010; Muller, 2008). Similarly, there is no doubt that carbon dioxide levels have also risen significantly, thirty-six percent since their first recording (Muller, 2008). Proponents of the global warming hypothesis argue that this increasing level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is a cause of the greenhouse effect that traps warmth under the lower layers of the atmosphere and increases severe weather patterns and weather instability in general (Crittenden & White, 2010).

In many respects, the principle flaw in the global warming theory is not so much that it is illusory but that it is not necessarily harmful and also, not necessarily attributable to human behavior. The most responsible proponents of global warming acknowledge both of those uncertainties but argue that if the observed evidence is significantly related to global warming, and if global warming is the...


However, even if one grants that conclusion, the most serious flaw in the reasoning of global warning proponents is that almost none of the changes they advocate will be able to have any significant impact without addressing the tremendous growth of carbon emissions in parts of the world (like China) that are currently undergoing a 21st century version of the industrialization boom in the Western world of the 19th and 20th centuries.


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