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Implementation of a New Health Initiative


Implementation of Initiatives Designed to Enhance the Well-Being and Health of the Healthcare Workers During the Covid-19 Pandemic.


There is a need for a detailed approach to address several elements of well-being and health to protect healthcare workers. This study unpacks the barriers and facilitators to the enaction of solutions to enhance the well-being and health of healthcare workers through the Covid-19 pandemic. This study adopted a collective case study approach because it allows multi-faceted, in-depth explorations of complex challenges in real-life settings. Participants in the study included representatives of 13 healthcare provider institutions. The study received multiple responses from the 13 organizations, outlining various initiatives within their facility. Multi-level preparedness and coordination are essential to ensure that initiatives for well-being and health can be enacted within a conducive space.


Since Covid-19 was identified in Wuhan, China, in 2019, it has continued to threaten lives across the globe, particularly the healthcare workers who are at the frontline. Hence at disproportionate risk of severe psychological and physical outcomes (OBrien et al. 2022). According to Amnesty International, at least 17000 healthcare workers across the globe died during the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic. This finding was substantiated by other research studies worldwide that also established that healthcare workers were concerned about their safety and transmitting the virus to their loved ones.

Subsequently, there is a need for a detailed approach to address several elements of well-being and health to protect healthcare workers. Healthcare facilities must establish infection prevention and control to protect their well-being and physical health. This would protect healthcare workers from infections (McCauley & Hayes, 2020). Approaches that support healthcare workers physical health and well-being must be guarded by strong leadership and proper staff psychological support.

In most instances, the contribution of healthcare workers to a well-functioning health system is usually not acknowledged with proper response from leaders. Establishing and implementing solutions designed to address and minimize well-being and health challenges under financial, human resource, and time pressure is a serious challenge for several institutions and health systems worldwide (OBrien et al., 2022). This study unpacks the barriers and facilitators to the enaction of solutions to enhance the well-being and health of healthcare workers through the Covid-19 pandemic. Moreover, even though various approaches have been put in place globally, the well-being and health of healthcare workers remain a huge concern for healthcare institutions globally. Thus, the need for better mechanisms how to support them.


Design andTheoretical Approach

This study adopted a collective case study approach because it allows multi-faceted, in-depth explorations of complex challenges in real-life settings. This approach is different from the experimental design, where researchers attempt to control and manipulate the variables of interest. This design involved studying several cases simultaneously to produce a broader appreciation of a specific challenge. Moreover, according to Gilson et al. (2011), in studies with several issues, deliberate and systemic cross-case comparison endorses analytic generalization, other than making conclusions that can be generalized statistically to a broader study population. This research was also grounded in implementation research.

Subsequently, the following questions were asked.

Whether and how initiatives can bring a difference to patients and healthcare workers.

Letting new knowledge into one setting with effort or automatically allowing its…PPE equipment for other staff and hospital locations (OBrien et al., 2022). On the other hand, effective staff collaboration can help translate knowledge and build trust between staff and organization, improving initiatives to enhance healthcare workers well-being and health.

Stressors, Mental health, andtheRole ofFear

Fear was noted to play a significant role in hindering healthcare providers well-being and implementation of health initiatives. Fear was identified in the context of exposing family members and loved ones to the virus and personal exposure. Fear presented a specific challenge to the enaction of the initiatives to prepare the healthcare premises to minimize transmission. However, such challenges were solved through direct engagement between staff and the department, where various concerns were addressed. Burnout was another nightmare resulting in increased pressure on the healthcare workforce and services (OBrien et al., 2022). This resulted from the nature of the disease that reduced the workforce capacity.

Challenging theimpact ofmisinformation

Misinformation, disinformation, and conflicting information during the covid-19 pandemic posed a more significant challenge. It is the first in history since the beginning of massive consumption of technology and social media, hence keeping people informed and connected. Therefore, providing precise information on how and where staff can obtain a piece of more reliable information, communicate to a dedicated helpline, and find additional assistance can also solve dis- and misinformation spreading around (OBrien et al. 2022). Moreover, as the technological role in healthcare and day-to-day life continues to expand, much time must be allocated to ensuring that workers can access trusted and up-to-date information about the pandemic, the virus, and the local and national pandemic respons.


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