Infrastructure For EVs Is Lacking Along With Consumer Demand Essay

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To: The Committee on Climate Change

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Subject: Recommendations for Policy on Climate Change


Climate change is a pressing issue that requires immediate attention from policymakers. The Earth's climate is changing rapidly, with devastating effects on ecosystems, economies, and human health. The United Nations (UN) reports that the world needs to reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 45% by 2030 to prevent the worst impacts of climate change (IPCC, 2022). Failure to address this issue could have catastrophic consequences for future generations. However, the lack of access to rare earth minerals poses a significant challenge to the production of green energy solutions. The demand for these minerals has grown rapidly in recent years, driven in part by the transition to renewable energy sources. Furthermore, the infrastructure for EVs is not yet sufficient, and safety concerns about the instability of lithium batteries have led to consumer reluctance (Faizal et al., 2019). This memo provides policy recommendations for addressing the access to rare earth minerals issue by proposing nuclear energy as a clean and safe alternative.


Climate change is a complex problem that poses significant challenges to policymakers. GHG emissions from fossil fuels, agriculture, and other human activities are the main drivers of climate change. The transition to a low-carbon economy requires significant changes to existing infrastructure, energy systems, and consumption patterns. Moreover, climate change is a global problem that requires coordinated action from all nations. The lack of political will and cooperation has been a major obstacle to effective climate policy.

Potential Solutions

Several potential solutions have been proposed to address climate change, including market-based mechanisms, regulatory approaches, and international agreements.

Market-based mechanisms, such as carbon taxes or cap-and-trade systems, are designed to incentivize GHG reductions by imposing a price on carbon emissions. The revenue generated from these mechanisms can be used to fund renewable energy projects, energy efficiency improvements, or other climate mitigation measures. However, market-based mechanisms can be controversial, as they may disproportionately impact low-income households or certain industries.

Regulatory approaches, such as fuel efficiency standards or building codes, are designed to mandate GHG reductions in specific sectors. These approaches can be effective at achieving emission reductions, but they may also be costly and difficult to enforce.

International agreements, such as the Paris Agreement, are designed to coordinate global action on climate change (Oh, 2020). These agreements provide a framework for countries to set emission reduction targets and report on their progress. However, international agreements are voluntary and lack...…and cooperation across party lines.

The media and public opinion can also have a significant impact on the success of climate policies. The media plays a crucial role in shaping public opinion, and its coverage of climate change and green energy solutions can influence the public's perception of these issues. Thus, effective communication and education campaigns will be critical in promoting the adoption of nuclear energy as a clean and safe alternative.

Federalism, the bureaucracy, and separation of powers can also create challenges to the implementation of policies promoting nuclear energy. The responsibilities for regulating and overseeing energy production and consumption are often divided among federal, state, and local governments. This fragmentation can make it challenging to create and implement coherent policies that address climate change effectively. Additionally, the bureaucracy and the separation of powers may lead to inefficiencies and delays in implementing these policies.


In conclusion, climate change is a pressing issue that requires immediate action from policymakers, the lack of access to rare earth minerals poses significant challenges to the production of green energy solutions. The transition to a green energy economy should be achieved by promoting nuclear energy as a clean and safe alternative. By pursuing these policy recommendations, we can take a significant step towards…

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