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The recent COVID- pandemic has illustrated the need the better understand family dynamics and origins. Here, the pandemic provided a catalyst that allowed millions of individuals to rekindle relationships with both friends and family. It is this family dynamic that ultimately allows individuals to increase their overall self-identity and awareness. It is through these experience that individuals within society can obtain a better appreciation about the life events that have impacted their family and community. These experiences ultimately impact many of the views, values and beliefs of individuals within the family. When reviewing my own personal family history, I found it fascinating how many of the elements and experiences of older members influenced those of subsequent generations. Here, the intangible elements of actions and beliefs can heavily influence those in later generations. From conducting this exercise, I personally recognized the importance of behaviors, habits, and beliefs on generations that will follow.

To begin, my immediate family is from Europe. My mother is from France and my father is from Germany. My father was a member of the Heer or German army. Here, he served 22 years until his eventual retirement when I was in college. While on an overseas mission he met my mother. Soon after, I was born, along with one brother and one sister. I am the oldest with my brother and sister both 2 and 3 years younger, respectively. My mother was a school teacher and thus we had a very strong family dynamic. Our household was very traditional as it relates to western standards of familial relationships. My dad, was the primary source of income for the family. He provided the financial assistance along with the disciplinary guidance. My mother, was heavily involved in the household and heavily nurtured all of us while my father was out on deployment. I lived in Germany of most of my adolescent life. My family was heavily involved in the church and were devote Christians. My father was heavy into religion and often held leadership positions within the church. This interestingly caused further complications in my personal development.

As a younger child, I was unable to recognize how beneficial my living conditions were. I had a two…video games, and academic performance. This transition has occurred naturally due in part to my upbringing. My parents heavily emphasized education along with financial acumen. As I became older, I naturally transitioned into these areas as I looked to obtain financial freedom. This is important as my parents help to instill a need to help develop future generation by delivering useful and needed services. As a result, I have developed a need to continue to manifest and develop my talents not simply for my sake, but for those that come after me. This is large difference from my earlier years where the major emphasis as on my own development with regard to others.

The significant of writing this cultural biography is to provide myself with a personal account of my growth and development. We often dont take time to reflect on how far we as individuals have grown and matured. The current societal climate of quick satisfaction, social media, and technology often dilutes the need for self-reflection. This assignment has allowed me to recognize my personal growth, with an acknowledgement that my growth still lies…

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