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Understanding how to brand one's product or service, and knowing what makes a consumer buy a particular item or choose a particular service is essential for entering all types of commerce.

Another personal reason I seek to master in marketing is that I feel the current degree I am pursuing in economics is simply more of the same, in terms of my undergraduate concentration. While the work is interesting, it offers too much overlap with the financial perspective of accounting. In addition, it approaches the science of consumer demand from a very numbers-focused, data-driven perspective. I am often frustrated with the perspective taken of so-called Economic Man who always makes ideal decisions, based upon his knowledge of the market. Even in my real life as an accountant at a small tax firm I observe people's personal financial decisions and how they relate to budgeting and the tax code. Thus I am confronted daily with the frequent irrationality of peoples' decision-making.

Marketing, I feel, is a way of understanding consumer decisions in a manner that is still data-driven (given the quantitative element that is essential when assessing consumer behavior) but inserts an important human, psychological element in understanding the complex interplay of emotion, price, and perception. Information is often imperfect -- from both the consumer and producer's mind.

With this newly-informed perspective, I hope to make myself more marketable, as well as more successful in my current field. This degree will open up new possibilities in the way in which I function as a professional in the marketplace, and also how I see the world.

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