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Other essential traits include a commitment to work cooperatively with others and the ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing."

We were also told that speech-language pathologists ought to exhibit:

sensitivity and concern for the problems of other people; warmth, caring and empathy for people; the need to help others realize their potential; the ability to accept new ideas; and the willingness to do research and to contribute new information.

Did this sound like me? I certainly think so, otherwise the aforementioned "deeper forces of nature" probably wouldn't have assured me that I was pursuing not only a fulfilling journey, but also the correct one, too.

Looking back, I realize that I reached a turning point in my education when I was able to participate in clinical observations. I observed patients with voice disorders. I observed patients who stammered and stuttered. I observed patients with foreign accents so thick that you could barely distinguish their words. I observed patients who struggled mightily with autism. And in all of them, I observed the strength of the human spirit to persevere.

These patients didn't...
...I observed them and their clinician undetected, from another room. And in every case, I wanted to reach beyond that barrier and say, "Here I am. I am ready to help."

Instead, I could only quietly observe. I watched as the patients followed directions and completed their exercises. I listened carefully as the clinician gave gentle guidance and consistent encouragement. I watched both of them -- a delicate partnership forged partly from need and partly from a need to help. Someday, I thought, that clinician will be me.

And that's when I knew for certain: I am in the right place, creating my own portrait.

Part dreamer, part advocate.

And then -- time for another reality break, for I am still a student. I still have much to learn and much to absorb. But I also know that my education will not end when I finally earn my degree. For I believe that education is not only a journey, but a lifelong journey that requires a desire to learn and improve and an unrelenting quest to apply what you have learned to achieve better and happier outcomes for human beings -- not just "case studies" in textbooks but real, live human beings who respond to speech-language clinicians who are both professionally skilled and blessed with an abundance of sensitivity.

To indulge my curiosity, and partly to complete this assignment, I also researched Carl Jung's psychological and personality profiles. I had no idea what I would find. On some level, I was almost afraid to look. So imagine my surprise when I saw that of Jung's 16 personality types, he identifies speech-language pathologists as being dreamers and advocates.

I didn't necessarily need the confirmation, but it helped.

I am, indeed, pursuing the right…

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