Personal Statement On The Career Of Pharmacist Term Paper


Personal Statement on the Career of Pharmacist

The career of Pharmacist was chosen because of the opportunity that is provided through this profession to make a difference in the lives of the sick and elderly. The positive impact of a professional and caring pharmacist to the lives of those whose days are spent in a doctors' office, hospitals, labs and finally, the pharmacy is a difference that is meaningful to the patient and fulfilling to the pharmacist.

Too many times those who are sick are left to grapple with attempting to understand how to take their medication, how to properly fill out insurance forms and how to properly monitor their indications. As a pharmacist I will be able to professionally assist patients in proper care, nutrition, medication dosage, fully explaining to the patient all side effect and interaction information. Further to assist the patient in understanding how to monitor their blood sugar and blood pressure and any other necessary knowledge that means so much to those whose lives depend on the proper utilization of home self-screening..

It is my desire to work in a community setting such as a hospital, healthcare facility nursing home, neighborhood clinic, and in cohesion with health practitioners to provide information to patients on an individual basis as needed to guide their proper aftercare. This assures progress at the time of their next appointment with the Health Practitioner.

As a pharmacist it is my goal to fully understand the use, clinical effects and composition of drugs as well as their biological, chemical and physical properties.

I believe that a pharmacist that supports the Health care providers by utilizing all possible communications with the patient to help them understand the nature and role of their self-care is one of the highest callings which exist. Finally, to do all of this and furthermore, to do so professionally and with compassion is my goal and motivation for pursing a career as a pharmacist.

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