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¶ … chronic and ongoing diseases and disorders have become an epidemic in the United States. It is also without a doubt that the treatment and mitigation of thos diseases and disorders is something that must be a primary focus of family practice. Even better, though, than properly treating the disorders when they emerge is helping to prevent them in the first place. After all, so many of the disorders and diseases in question are created by poor lifestyle choices. The diseases and disorders in question include diabetes, heart disease and many forms of cancer. While genetics and environmental factors have an effect on the emergence and aggravation of diseases and disorders, lifestyle choices are quite often the difference between quality of life and lack thereof. Body

One major roadblock when it comes to lifestyle choices is teaching people and making...


Within the family practice realm, things are made more complicated when having to translate all of this to them as well. After all, if a child is showing signs of obesity and sedentary lifestyle, saying so to the parent, let alone the child himself or herself, can be rather dicey. Quite often, parents are not receptive to feedback about their own lifestyle choices and/or the same for their children. Even with that being the case, the paradigm clearly needs to change because such feedback should be offered when it is applicable because the quality of life and duration of life of everyone involved depends on it. Even with the need for honesty and attention to detail, this does not mean that doctors and other clinicians should be brash and without bedside manner. This proposal shall seek to find evidence-based clues that point to what works in terms of messaging and what does not work. Whether it be solutions that have already been crafted and used or whether it be solutions that are not currently employed, some combination of tactics and tips could and should be used so as to improve the outcomes for everyone (Perusse, Kailimang & Krell, 2009). The idea and question above is relevant because so much of what is created and perpetuated in terms of health is based on environmental exposure and the repetition of patterns. Only when those patterns are disrupted and replaced with new and better ones will the current trends and patterns be made obsolete. As noted before, addressing people that…

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