Unconscious Bias Personality Type And Coaching Essay


Self-Inventory and Personality Analysis

My reflection on the various lenses of personality types, racial predispositions, and generational bias has let me obtain some insights into the subtle aspects of my identity that I probably would otherwise not have realized. Personality shapes perception and impacts ones interaction with the world. But what shapes personality? The inventories provided a structured approach to self-analysis, and got me to consider aspects of my character and preferences that I might otherwise overlook.

Through the Personality Inventory, I discovered a balance between analytical and relational traits, aligning with the Driver and Expressive personality types. This duality captures my tendency to pursue goals with determination while cherishing the human connection in every interaction. The Generational Snapshot placed me within the boundaries of Generation X, where independence and adaptability are prominent features (Siahaan, 2020). However, some traits attributed to Millennials can also be found in my personalitytraits like willingness to collaborate (Hwang & Griffiths, 2017). These generational insights inform my approach to learning and working with others, highlighting a need for autonomy coupled with a desire for meaningful teamwork.

The examination of racial predispositions was the most unsettling, as it revealed a moderate automatic preference for white people. This outcome was surprising but I suppose not altogether...…refer back to it, it will help in prompting me to approach each interaction with an openness to learn from the unique stories and experiences of my colleagues. I expect that that in turn will help me to tailor my coaching techniques to suit their individual needs and preferences.

In creating a coaching profile, I would also highlight my analytical and expressive nature, my generational inclination towards independence with a propensity for teamwork, and my commitment to continuous self-improvement, especially in the realm of cultural awareness. The implication for my coaching experience is a dedication to creating a learning environment that values individuality, encourages self-direction, and maintains a vigilant…

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