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High turnouts also helped to determine several key local and state elections. The large numbers of Latino voters in California also helped secure the passage of Proposition 8, therefore revoking gay married couples of their rights. A majority of 53% of Latino voters supported Proposition 8 (Ferriss & Reese 1). This is also thought to be due to the higher association with religious institutions over white liberal voters in California

Young voters also flocked to the polls this election in record numbers. These voters represented a large liberal majority who voted primarily Democratic in most election decisions. Many sources have been labeling this 2008 election as the second largest youth turnout in the whole of American history, (Morgenstern 1). Unprecedented numbers of young voters showed up to the polls to make the voice of a young America heard. Somewhere within the ranges of 22 and 24 million young adults between the ages of 18 and 29 voted in this past election. This put the young adult voter turnout between 49.3 and 54.5%, (Morgenstern 1). With this large of a turn out, the favoritism of the young voters would prove to be a powerful advantage within the larger presidential and local races. These huge numbers came in from all across the country, from the East to the West Coast, (Rosenberg 1). The larger voter turn out of young adults is definitely grateful for such large student support of various issues across the nation. However, record numbers of non-student young adults also showed up on election night to help add their support to various liberal and sometimes conservative, causes. This election saw such a huge youth voter turnout, that it proves highly encouraging for the fate of future elections, both local and nationwide.

Over 60% of young Americans voted Democratic in this year's primary presidential election -- this helping ensure an Obama victory. Students proved they "were part of the largest ever group in their age bracket to support a single candidate, and the second largest youth voter movement in American history, (Morgenstern 1). This large support for Obama helped widen the gap between him and the more conservative John McCain, who definitely lost much of his appeal to young liberal voters throughout the length of the campaign. In many cases, this youth voter turnout also helped insure greater support for independent candidates in various local and national positions, thus furthering the strength of smaller Independent Parties. Large student support for the Democratic cause helped establish a Democratic majority within both houses of the state Senate, therefore ensuring a better turn around of policies and ease for the transition into such a historical administration.

Voters of all kinds mind up the individuals standing in massive and extremely long lines on that fateful Tuesday night. Despite discouragement many felt about the incapability of local polling places to handle such large numbers of voters, the turnout was overall encouraging. However, the exact number of voters deterred from voting based on unreasonable waiting times within the context of a normal Tuesday work day will remain unknown. Election officials and County Clerks should learn from this enormous turnout and be better prepared for larger numbers of voters as to ensure everyone their given right to vote within important elections, despite the enormous popularity which would make it more of a difficult task.

The election of 2008 saw a massive increase in voter turnout. This included regular voter turnout, but also I large increase of African-American, Latino, and youth voters; many of whom had never voted or even registered before. Despite any setbacks these large numbers of voters saw on election night, the millions of citizens of the United States should be proud of their efforts to change the history of the nation, for they have succeeded. Record breaking voter turnouts of all demographics ensured the voice of the people was heard within the context of this 2008 presidential election. The voice of the people has spoken -- and done so for President-elect Barrack Obama.

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