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They are a great source of strength and I will honor them while remaining true to myself.

I am committed to lifelong learning and I will constantly strive to advance my knowledge and skills in the field by attending conferences and clinics, and reading the current literature.

I will strive to be a contributing member of society, both professionally and personally. I value education and lifelong learning and will continue to expand my knowledge by attending classes. I also understand the value of work and feel that it is a necessary and constructive part of my life. I will continue to make myself more valuable to my employer by attending seminars and training and by doing my best for the company.

Continually improve my skills as a person and as an employee through educational enhancement programs to perform my job in a timely way at a high level of excellence.

Personal Code of Ethics.

The author's personal code of ethics remains a living document that, like people themselves, must change and grow over time. The following elements represent the core aspects of such a personal code, and include some verbatim statements from other codes reviewed during the research where indicated.

I will treat other people like I would want them to treat me.

I will not make snap decisions about the intellect or moral characteristics of others based on their appearance, race or gender.

I will trust other people until they give me reason not to.

Just as each person can have an effect on me, I realize that my words and actions can affect others. I will strive to be courteous and to leave a positive impression on the people I meet. I will try to be pleasant even when the surrounding conditions are not. My situation will not define who I am.

I will endeavor to make the right choice in situations where things are morally cloudy, and will rely on the wisdom and guidance imparted to me by my parents and others to formulate the best approach.

I will keep a sense of humor and use it often.

I will review my personal code of ethics periodically, and reflect on my practice as a professional, and strive to make improvements wherever and whenever necessary.


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