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Immigration to America

An Introduction and Claim

Over the years, the issue of immigration in America United States has raised complex demographic issues. Elements of population increase and cultural change on the native societies in the United States are evident characteristics of immigration. The social, political, and economic components of immigration cause controversies on issues of employment, settlement patterns, ethnicity, and economic benefits for non-immigrants. The government works on developing social mobility, reducing crime, and controlling voting behavior. This paper intends to outline the negative issues surrounding immigration in the U.S. The United States has fewer immigrants on per capita consideration comparable to half the OECD countries. Policies had developed before 1965 focused on establishing a working formula for limiting naturalization and immigration opportunities for persons without native claim.


The exceptional economic status of America makes it a haven for immigrants (David & Okazaki 887). However, globalization is fast challenging the status. The concept of the global village makes both human migration and dangers terrorism more eminent. A critical challenge for the U.S. policymakers is making distinctions on the real issues from illusory immigration problems. It is clear that favored approaches of recent foreign policies are no longer tenable. The House of Representatives and the Senate encounter such difficulties. It is important for the government to improve border security, strengthen employer verification, and establish new guest worker management programs as a way of tackling problems related to immigration.


Debates around the motion strive towards constructing comprehensive laws to govern immigration in America. Immigration policy of 2005 attracted genuine attention in now considering an appropriate immigration policy. Numerous efforts focus on implementing changes of current policy. The government seeks to improve border security, strengthen employer verification, and establish new guest worker management programs (Stickels 19). Citizens are divided on the need to offer amnesty to any illegal immigrant in the United States. Presently, the proposals work against most principles and values of governance in the legislative process. Immigration reforms can be made more comprehensive to attain desirable results. The lopsided and ideological approaches are focusing on border security and ignore migrant workers are bound to fail. The status quo does not improve in case Congress passes others law glossing over the identified contradictions.

The current levels of Illegal immigration in the U.S. are massive. Over ten million immigrants without proper documents reside in the U.S.A. The government estimates that the population grows by 700,000 each year. On the contrary, critics add that the presence of aliens shows America's attractiveness. However, the situation tells of the dangerous opening in the U.S. borders. Illegal aliens go to the U.S. primarily to secure better jobs and add value to its economy. However, the immigrants demean value through weakening the national and legal security provisions (David & Okazaki 877). The country has 3% of America have done not have documents. Other have faked papers and forged documented amounting to a major security problem. The issues pose a direct threat to security, and the inhibition of undocumented migrants compromises the law. The country illustrates distraction of resources and ineffective strategies to address terrorism and crime (Mossakowski 304). The main problem with illegal immigration is insecurity and not necessarily inflated economies. Efforts of curtailing economic influxes for migrants have negative impacts to the dilemma. The existing policies push migrant workers into hiding.

The process encourages the tendencies of illegal dealings. The non-citizen worker programs are essential in securing borders through provision of relevant guidelines (Picot 422). The health issues that affect immigrants coupled with increased costs to public taxpayers is a topic of immense discussion. The use of emergency plans to address immigration indicates incapacities to sustain broad population bases. Some studies point at the disproportionate decrease of access to free health care among immigrants. This is a reason that triggers various disputes on the costing amounts of immigration in the American public health system. Immigrants have to pay more to access public services than the benefits enjoyed. The elderly refugees and immigrants are greatly affected as they dependent on such unpaid public facilities and services to survive.

Flouting of the U.S. law is another problem raised by undocumented immigrant employees. The population has made law breaking a norm making the work of drug traffickers and terrorists…[continue]

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