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Otherwise put, why do the conservatives still follow unattainable goals and why does the population still vote for them?

Thomas Frank builds his book on a simple belief: the most popularity in America is raised by the conservative coalition. However, this is not uniform, but divided into two wings: the economic conservatives and the social conservatives. While the first wing desires to implement tax cuts and other financial regulations, the second wing wishes to ban abortion and gay marriages.

D.J. Waldie's Holy Land: A Suburban Memoir

The action in the book by poet and historian D.J. Waldie is set in the 1950s and it is written in the style of a novel. Holy Land tells the story of a suburban community in California - Lakewood, a prototypical suburb of the post war period. Through a generalization, the book reveals the commencement of the American suburbia. "Laid out in 316 sections as carefully measured as a grid of tract houses, Holy Land is by turns touching, eerie, funny, and encyclopedic in its handling of what was gained and lost when thousands of blue-collar families were thrown together in the suburbs of the 1950s" (W.W. Norton and Company Independent Publishers, 2005).

The references Waldie makes to the conservative party are extremely reduced but a connection can easily be deduced. In this order of ideas, the book reveals the transformation of a community, which represents the prototype of the changes to come. Otherwise put, Lakewood, California is ground for testing the social changes that would come to affect the U.S. As a whole. Most of these changes would be derived from the liberal policies and the next decade, they would come to the dissatisfaction of the conservatives.

Another connection that can be made between the book and the conservative ideas is that the suburb was created in those times and, after years of existence, it came to live by its own set of morals. These morals are now represented and protected by the conservative party.

The Delta Force third and final cultural piece which presents the values of the conservatives is a film written by James Bruner and Menahem Golan.

The Delta Force first aired in 1986, under the supervision of director Menahem Golan and featuring star actors Chuck Norris and Lee Marvin. The plot summary refers to a group of Lebanese terrorists who hijack a plane, and the U.S. army soldiers who strive to remedy the situation. The action of the film is based on a real life situation, but it also introduced some alterations to the hijacking situation that had occurred on TWA Flight 847 in 1985.

However it may at first seem challenging to connect the film with the conservative principles, a deeper look at both issues will reveal some connections. In this order of ideas, the makers of the film were children of the Victorian Age, in the meaning that they had been raised in the culture of Victorian values, such as faith, family, patriotism, high morals and self-discipline. These conservative values had emerged before the de-moralization of society and the director and writers strived to include them in the film. In 1996, Delta Force was voted 11th on the top of the 100 Best Conservative Movies (Warren, 1996).

4. Conclusions

The Conservative Party of New York is up to this point the sole legally founded conservative party within the United States. They strive to implement the Victorian principles that guide a life style and they generally respond to the changes brought it with the age of liberalization and de-moralization of the society.

The agenda of the conservatives is generally a noble one, but their results are often limited. Their principles have however influenced the civil society and proof of this stand the numerous cultural works which discuss the conservative matters or bear their mark.


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