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11. What is community policing? How does it differ from traditional policing?

Community policing emphasizes positive situational contacts between police personnel and the general public and de-emphasizes enforcement-based approaches to policing. It differs from traditional policing mainly in that it is a means of reducing crime through enhanced public involvement in communities and in that it strongly promotes the initiation of police-civilian contacts outside of the enforcement realm (Caruso & Nirode, 2001).

12. What is the nature of the drug problem in the United States? Is today's drug problem any different or worse than the drug problem in the past?

The most important drug problem today is the questionable value of criminalizing private recreational drug use, particularly in relation to marijuana, which cannot be justified or logically distinguished from the permissive approach to cigarette and alcohol consumption. Evidence from Europe suggests that even enforcement of criminal laws prohibiting the use of harder drugs is difficult to justify where it is not associated with other criminal activity. Today's drug problem is worse in many areas of the country, primarily because of the crystal methamphetamine problem. "Meth" is a very dangerous synthetic drug that is produced cheaply and in a manner that poses tremendous danger to anybody in the vicinity of the labs where it is produced (Caruso & Nirode, 2001).

13. After reading this chapter what do you think are the causes of terrorism?

Domestic terrorism is substantially attributable to the growth of radical hate groups and others who feel disenfranchised by mainstream American society. The main cause of International and anti-Western/anti-American terrorism is Islamic fundamentalism that believes the U.S. is an evil empire and that the Koran justifies a Jihad or "Holy War" against the West in general but especially while Western military forces are present on Middle Eastern lands considered to be the exclusive Kingdom of Muslims. Finally, much of that antagonism is also…

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