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Ariel, B. (). Police body cameras in large police departments. The Journal of Law and Criminology 106(4): 729-768.

Empirical evidence on the efficacy of police-worn body cameras remains surprisingly scant. In this study, Ariel (2017) uses the Maryland Scientific Methods Scale to test the efficacy of body-worn cameras on a large police department in Denver, Colorado, with several control group departments. While police body-worn cameras are presumed to improve police accountability and improve public perceptions of police, as well as drive down police incidents of unnecessary force, the results of this study showed that the greatest effect may be in that police-worn cameras reduce the likelihood of unjustified arrests. In the analysis of the Denver department, Ariel (2017) found an 18% higher odds of arrest when cameras were not worn versus worn: presumably because police officers are less likely to make spurious arrests without probable cause. This article is incredibly useful as part of a literature review on the usefulness of police body-worn cameras. It shows how and why departments may choose to employ the devices and how thtye can promote police legitimacy and procedural justice.

National Institute of Justice (2017). Research on Body-Worn Cameras and Law Enforcement.

This National Institute of Justice (2017) report provides an overview of research on police body-worn cameras. Only about a quarter of the nations police departments have employed body-worn cameras, in spite of the numerous perceived benefits they offer for increasing transparency and accountability, and improving the ability for law enforcement to create…perspective, as staff attitudes will impact multiple variables related to performance and employee engagement. Claiming to be the first study of its kind, Smylka, Crow, Crichlow, et al. (2015) rely on survey data culled from local, state, and federal police agencies located in one county in the Southern United States. Results do show that police officers are well aware of the use of body-worn cameras for public relations purposes, as they help to increase public perceptions of trust. However, officers also believe the media will abuse footage from the body-worn cameras for discrediting the police. This article should be included in a review of literature on the topic of police body-worn cameras because of the importance of taking into account police perceptions, especially from a law…

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Ariel, B. (2017). Police body cameras in large police departments. The Journal of Law and Criminology 106(4): 729-768.

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