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Geology Film


A Geologically Based, Imaginative Film

Today's environmentalists often tell the public about the harmful effects of our actions. Yet, despite warnings of too many carbon emissions from vehicles and deforestation woes, our society does not seem to understand just how harmful our actions can be. However, if we do not take action to alleviate these worrisome actions some way, these warnings will turn into reality, and we might not only harm, but kill the planet's most precious life. [1: Gore, Albert. Our Choice. Toronto: Random House, 2009. Print. ]

The movie discussed below will therefore provide a context for the harms of our society, albeit an imaginary one. The film, titled Rebirth, will show how humanity has destroyed the Earth's environment to such an extent that humans have been forced to utilize existing means to escape current, deplorable situations on Earth. Unlike the Pixar film, Wall-E, which shows life after Earth has been completely filled with rubbish and shows only one robot surviving, this film will not be concerned with space travel. Instead, recognizing that space travel is not only difficult but also expensive and time-consuming, humans in this film will utilize time travel, which for hypothetical reasons is more plausible, and go to an era where Earth is still in a pristine condition. [2: Gibson, Mel. "Wall-E': A Robot Love Story with Heart to Spare." National Public Radio. Web. 07 May 2011. . ]

It has been established that this era will be during a time when dinosaurs still roamed the Earth, and this period will be the Cretaceous period. The tagline of the movie will be "Going back in time in order to move forward" or something like "to save humanities future, repopulate in the past." This film will follow a family's travels back to the Cretaceous period, where the family must accommodate to very different situations than the present, and a very different environment.

The film will begin by showing a young boy playing with his dog in a peaceful, topical climate, as would be characteristic of the Cretaceous period. This first part of the film will have a happy feeling, but soon the audience would notice something is "off." The dog then could decide to run off while the boy calls it to come back. With the happy feeling gone, the audience would see the dog drinking form the same kind of pond as a dinosaur. The dinosaur would roar and attempt to smell the dog, but would not eat it. The reason why the dinosaur would not eat the dog is explained further below.

Though the movie will take place on an ancient North American continent, it will be concerned with the way the family adapts to different geological happenings, such as constant volcanic eruptions due to continental shifts. Furthermore, the movie will also explore the family's life as they deal with dinosaurs and will, of course, include specific descriptions of other natural and social elements. [3: "Cretaceous Period: Historical Geology of the Period." Web. 07 May 2011. . ]

The Cretaceous period, which is the last period in which dinosaurs survived, is useful in this movie because we know a lot about it and because continents were beginning to form, so several things, though seeming a distant memory, will be somewhat familiar. The Cretaceous period was, of course, also when the huge asteroid hit the Earth, but this family will live in the very beginnings of this period. The period was, thus, still a time when dinosaurs ruled the now broken up supercontinent Pangaea; however rodents also began to exist more freely, as did other mammals which we know today. These similarities will be shown as helpful to the family in the film. [4: "Cretaceous Period." The National Geographic. Web. 7 May 2011. . ]

During this period we also see, according to the National Geographic, a variety of new elements. Due to "shifted continents, expanded coasts, and widened oceans [in…] the planet's climate […] dramatic changes to the flora and fauna" were set in motion. However, there were also geological changes. This was the period when the continents were shifting, so a lot of volcanic eruptions occurred. In order to address this, the film will show a way…

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